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Andrew Day of Capsule Computers wrote:

The third installment in the Dragon Age franchise is here, and it is a beast of a game. With an impressive 90+ hours of content, Dragon Age: Inquisition has you felling dragons, facing demons and closing up portals that threaten your homeland. With a scope that is hard to match, and Bioware’s signature dialogue-heavy storytelling, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the dream for anyone who loves a good, albeit lengthy RPG.

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susanto12281354d ago

These reviews are getting tiring..

metacritic 5.6 user score

Good reviews bad reviews which one is it??

seems like everyday on here either people like it
or they don't

PhenomenalDay1354d ago

That's the thing about reviews though, they are really just one person's opinion of a game/movie/anything. What appeals to one person may disgust another one, it doesn't mean that anyone is right or wrong.

anticlimax1354d ago

Metacritic user reviews are full of people who had gamebreaking bugs (there are many) and so they're giving bad reviews. Doesn't matter how great the game is if you can't play it (properly).

Plus promises of tactical combat were total BS. The KB+M controls are bad at best. The tac cam gets stuck in walls and ceilings. There are barely any AI preferences to set up. Etc.

Great game, but if you're on pc, you'll spend hours fixing it.

If you're a tactical guy, you'll have to et over that to enjoy the game.

rextraordinaire1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I would give a lower review on metacritic. I love the game but
I came across quite a few massive bugs and freezes causing data corruption. It was released too early and has not been properly tested. What's even more maddening is the total radio silence on the issues from both EA and bioware.

Great game, poor release.

rextraordinaire1353d ago

Characters hanging after speaking their lines, loud buzzing sound at forges or at loading screens, quest completion notifications poping up randomly when quest was completed hours ago, NPCs not appearing, War table missions countdowns going in reverse, Inquisitor removing armor when leaving Skyhold, drum loop playing non-stop in Skyhold, impossibilty to interact with some story related objects, Inquisitor gender being changed in conversation, Inquisitor's voice changing after meeting a certain story character, NPCs not recognizing Inquisitor's race and gender, and class, and so on...

Those are the minor glitches.

Major ones include data erased, hard freezes causing crashes and corrupting data, boss battles never completing because the boss turns into a stuck sprite after defeat, making the game unable to progress, character banter absent from the whole game, and so on...

Have a look here :

This is how poorly the game was released.

rextraordinaire1353d ago

I love how someone disagrees when all I do is bring testimonials of issues people have in the game.

"NOOOOOOO A game I love can't be bugged, I don't agree with that concept!"

Ozmoses1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

yeah dude the best thing you can do is watch a gameplay video and judge for yourself..

that is if you are unsure..

I don't know about most gamers... But I'm 30 now and I feel like I've come to have a good eye for what I know I will like.

Sure I listen to the gossip and read articles including reviews and previews... However, I definitely can tell for the most part when a game is announced if it is a game I am willing to buy.

Big studio sequels are usually a given if you liked a companies past work.. But now in the age of the "small business video game company" or what people refer to as "Indie".. It's all about the concept and the style and what relates to you.

I mean does a game bring back memories of another game? Does it look cool? What's the genre? What's it play like? How's the story? and I save graphics for last because graphics aren't everything...

Look at your game collection and study it for a little. Look back on your past gaming history and analyze it a little. You'll find that you know exactly what type of games draw your interest and won't have to rely on other people's opinions as much.

OT: I freaking love DAI! I made a female rogue. I'm about level 11 now. Running around with Solas, Iron Bull and Blackwall wrecking stuff. I played Dragon Age 1 but didn't like the tactical pause/play battles. I never played Dragon Age 2.. So I took a gamble on DAI and it payed off.

That's what I am trying to say up top. I wasn't sure about it. I was well aware of it and knew what it was, but I was like hmmmmmmm I didn't really like DA:Origins... I took the gamble and it paid off. It's my GOTY

rextraordinaire1353d ago

Yep best way to go.

It may look like I don't like the game because I keep posting about the technical problems, but even with those, DA:I is one of my games of the year.

Terrific game. I love it.

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MilkMan1353d ago

I love the game so far, but you gotta love this kind of RPG and especially this iteration of Dragon Age which includes a meta-strategic element to the proceeding. This ISN'T Dark Souls or Lords of the Fallen. You gotta invest time not only in the combat and character builds (which are important for those nasty fights as the game progresses), but you have to understand the back stories and the intertwining stories of the inquisition you are trying to build.

It is VERY involved.

So, reviews will vary. But you will get your moneys worth if you want to invest in it.