Assassin’s Creed Unity Deserves a Second Chance

"There’s no denying that Unity’s reception has managed to damage the Assassin's Creed brand. From its lack of female players to parity and its flawed launched, this game can at times be seen cursed from the very beginning. But does that mean it’s a bad game? Absolutely not.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: most gamers hardly believe in second chances. A perfect example is Final Fantasy 14 and how Square had to pretty much make an entirely new MMO just to get players back into it. Now granted, AC Unity has had some problems, which I mentioned in my review, but even with those present I had an absolute blast playing this game. Therefore I take it upon myself to list several reasons why Assassin’s Creed Unity is a worthy entry and why you and many others should give it a shot. "

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bixxel1327d ago

No.Besides.It was a good game.Just too glitchy and buggy.And terribly unoptimized.Besides that the gameplay is brilliant.And Paris is the greatest city ever made in a video game.

Phoenix761327d ago

It's time for creed to be rested for a while IMO. To my knowledge ubi have put out on to the market at least 6 (six) AC games out within the space of a year!
Next gen: Unity.
Cross gen: black flag, freedoms cry (standalone).
Last gen: Rouge, Liberation HD remaster.
Tablets: AC: pirates.
Too much!!