Bumpy start for Ubisoft's online racer The Crew

Gamereactor writes: "Open-world racing MMO The Crew officially launches today. Since yesterday, around noon, the servers have been online, but there have been constant problems since then."

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Az1mov1388d ago

Where are the reviews??

SniperControl1388d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

There is a review embargo in place, which i believe(dont quote me on this) runs out two days after release day.

Obviously, ubi have something to hide.

Az1mov1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

That's a real shame :( I don't trust them anymore for these awful business practices. cheating gamers only gets you so far.

you can follow a stream here, it speaks for itself

morganfell1387d ago

Ubi isn't sending out review copies until after the game releases. It is a mixed blessing. On one hand it reduces the influence of media outlets that have shown themselves to be biased, inept, and wholly unreliable.

On the other hand it assists in sales of incomplete titles shoveled onto the public. A feat which ubisoft has repeated this year ad nauseum.

demonicale1387d ago

they're hiding it's crap. me and my brother played the beta and on boy!!

We played it for 5minutes before we both deleated it off our ps4's.

badz1491387d ago

something to hide? just play the beta and you'll see how bad the game looks and how terrible the cars handle. the only thing they are trying to hide "from" is the bad reviews!

CaptainCamper1387d ago

For god sake people..

Just because a developer chooses to enforce embargos post review, does not mean the number 1 intention is to hide something.

It's an MMO game for all intents and purposes. The reason Ubisoft had to delay official reviews is because journalists cannot be trusted. They would be much happier writing a day 1 review saying how much the game sucked than actually play it with thousands of other players as it was intended.

This is not about developer to consumer. This is a battle between the general gaming press that write topics based on bait and traffic, and the developers that have to put up with all the shit.

If you're the kind of person that will flat out refuse to buy a game without X site giving X score, waiting a few days won't kill you.

For everyone else, it means very little.

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marcindpol1387d ago

Before the review's come up they want to sale a few copys of this crap game. I played two betas and could not stand it...After seeing scores around 6 or 7 out of 10 a lot of people would give it a miss..

badz1491387d ago

I think 6/10 would be too generous.

SniperControl1387d ago

I played two beta's, one on PC, the other on PS4. Both were awful experiences for me. The graphics were last gen, the general driving mechanics lacked big time and to be honest, it just looked boring as hell.

The PC version i deleted after a few hours, the PS4 version, i thought i would be fair and give it the time, but alas, that only lasted one day before i deleted.

_LarZen_1387d ago

I expect some really low review scores on this. The beta was just horrible.

polloloco1387d ago

The beta was horrible, extremely boring. The graphics are very mediocre, watchdogs type stuff.

danowat1387d ago

There is NO embargo.

No surprise it's having issues really, the game is terrible.

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