Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer Beta : Check Out 60 minutes of "Amazing" Gameplay Footage

Halo 5 multiplayer beta will be available to anyone who bought Halo: The Master Chief Collection in just a few weeks, but why wait when you can start getting hyped now?

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Walker1386d ago

Looks almost the SAME with Halo 4 :/

THC CELL1386d ago

The game been milked to bits, it's a ms out of date weapon. Miss fire. Loved halo back in the day I remember queing up for 2 copys at blockbusters. Today I'm fed up of it and want better fps I belive rainbow will take its crown for now

ThatOneRiggaNob1386d ago

So they can't explore new ips while also refreshing their older ones?

Septic1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

For a game that has been milked to bits, it seems to regularly school all other pretenders to the crown rather well. I'm happy for this cow that keeps on giving!

DarthZoolu1386d ago

looks amazing to me. CAN'T WAIT!

breakpad1386d ago

i still believe that Killzone SF surpasses this crap by far ...

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Fireseed1386d ago

Except, like not at all.

Brisco1386d ago

Sure dude. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

XboxOneX1386d ago

OMG the game looks amazing :) I cant wait for this.

objdadon1386d ago

Lmao! Nothing looks amazing about halo what so ever! After playing mcc I see what halo is compared to destiny, garbage!

A7XEric1386d ago

No? Graphically maybe which is really disappointing (seriously empire looks like it could be from h4), but game play wise no. No perks, no killstreaks, no loadouts, weapons on map, etc

URNightmare1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Well, it certainly looks like...a shooter. I look at this, then I take a look at COD, BF4, and I fail to understand what's so special about Halo. I guess it's now surviving on its popular name alone.

spicelicka1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Well you clearly answered your own question there. You took a "look" at the games? Games are meant to be played and experienced, that's why they're games not movies. You could literally apply that logic to any genre.

All racing games look exactly the same. Dragon age, Witcher, Shadow of Mordor all look like the same rpgs. All 2D platformers look the same. All fghting games look the same.

Why would it survive on name alone when millions are wanting to play it. Halo 4 had the biggest budget MS has ever spent, for a reason.

I don't know what you expect a shooter to look like. They're not gonna make you throw Hadukens in Halo for the sake of looking different. If you're not a fan then no you won't understand. The beta is not there for a display of graphics or engine. It's purely to test the core arena gameplay features, that's why you only see 4v4 and not 8v8. And it's a YEAR ahead of release, that's half the life cycle of a standard game development. I think by E3 opinions will be much different.

breakpad1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

simple ...not good ..

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Gamer4life8881386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

That awkward moment when Halo4 looks generation ahead of Halo5

jdktech20101386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

To be fair it's a year from release. there may be graphical effects not in yet.

Also that's campaign vs multiplayer.... hard to compare the two as campaign is always better looking.

Daz1386d ago

Good job on comparing a single player shot to a multiplayer shot to a game that is year out and not finished.

Some people are clueless

Elit3Nick1386d ago

lol at the disagrees, you salty ponies?

christocolus1386d ago

Lol. You wish. Let's do the same comparisons after the game is launched (fall 2015).

You guys ( the cell&walker) are hilarious.

Mechanism1386d ago

Do you think Uncharted 4 will look worse than Uncharted 3 right now as it still has a year of development time left?

Most likely not.

Daz1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Whats uncharted got to do with this 2 different games ;/

marlinfan101386d ago


the game doesn't release until the end of next year and you're already complaining about the graphics. amazing.

Gamer7771386d ago

Your comparing a campaign shot to a work in progress mp shot.

spicelicka1386d ago

This is more comparable. Think about it, if halo 4 looked thatt good, you really think halo 5 isn't gonna look amazing?

Grap1386d ago

Good Job comparing an pre-beta game with a released game.

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urwifeminder1386d ago

Day one for me looks fun I totally suck at halo online but someone has to be the fodder happy to be that guy.

oIITSBIIo1386d ago

FPS with controller is so cold and boring.

HeMan761386d ago

Hah sony trolls are hilarious. They are trolling evey XO artucle hard. The game looking stunning much better that 1886 and they declared that we didnt touch visuals momently but going to be jaw dropping when it will be released devs said which they are right even now killing evrything on PS4. Guess what trolls I traded your adored console with a glorious XO. PS4 was the worst console ever had and still it is.

PrinterMan1386d ago

Killing everything on PS4? Did I here that right? You consider these graphics stunning? Wow, you do have low expectations. Not saying the game won't be fun but I think we've seen all this before now. New CDO, Destiny have lots of people jumping up and down. Sheesh there is nothing new here.

PS: The Order 1886 Blows this out of the water for gameplay and graphics. That cannot be disputed.

marlinfan101386d ago

graphics yes, but gameplay? hahhaha

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