[Update] Xbox Live Appears To Be Functional Once More

Update: Microsoft has not commented on the earlier Xbox Live outage, but services seem to be restored.

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AngelicIceDiamond1327d ago

A little late its been functioning for a little while now.

ThinkThink1327d ago

Was it ever actually down or was it just the friends list? I didn't notice anything.

gamer78041327d ago

i was playing online and watching video services last night and early this morning with no issues. maybe only partially down. In any event glad it wasn't widespread or lasting very long.

donthate1327d ago

Didn't even know there was an issue. Been fine for me, watching Netflix and etc on my Xbox One.

BX811327d ago

For me it was just friends list but couldnt join or invite friends. That sucked though.

Funantic11327d ago

I didn't notice a thing either. I think the fanboys saw a few isolated incidents and ran with it to make it seem like their online service is better when it just isn't. It's hard to bring Xbox Live down for too long.

u4one1327d ago

i had leaderboard issues and the bit that shows games friends are playing but i was still able to play multiplayer etc

supersonicjerry1327d ago

it was just friends list/partychat down and it was down for about 4-5 hours. it came back at around 9pm or 10pm pst.

4Sh0w1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

It took me longer than usual to sign in last night and I had friends list issues but nothing major and I've been playing all last night and most of today.

I will say that Live has been a bit "buggier" than usual, again nothing major but I've been getting random things like disconnected from online games over the past month, I don't know what it is and thank god it usually is a minor annoyance that is resolved quickly but I almost never experienced these problems with 360.

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TheRedButterfly1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Mine was never NOT working... I was raiding last night when this was apparently going on. I didn't learn about the 'outage' until reading about it this morning. :P

Edit: I'm East Coast in case it was a regional thing...

christocolus1327d ago

lol, you're right,its been up all day and there was even an article about that but it was never approved. for those interested, always check the xbox subreddit forums for info on xbox live. they are always up to date when it comes to issues regarding xbox live over there.

Intentions1327d ago

It wasn't down for me/where i live.

yarbie10001327d ago

Watch'll be called an apologist if don't go along with the lines that XBL was completely down.

Even though I was logged in and had 95 friends playing during the 'outage' as well....

Some people act as if when you say that it means your denying there aren't are just saying it wasn't completely down. But let the disagrees come on down...

gangsta_red1327d ago

Defend MS or Xbox and you're an apologist or MS PR guy. Praise Sony and PS4 and you're speaking facts and you're a gamer, Pretty much...

I never had any problems either and it's good to see that if there was any MS was able to fix it and get it done quickly.

BitbyDeath1327d ago

It is just easier to jump onto GAF and see what real gamers say.

Way too many extremists on this site.

Dudebro901327d ago

Live were never down. Certain things like friends lists were down, but the core Xbox live was never down.

vikingland11327d ago

Live never went down for me not even my freinds list.

Dlacy13g1327d ago

Yeah, I didn't see an issue on my side either (California) so it seems like it may have been a sporadic / limited event affecting certain areas more than others.

yankolo1327d ago

Mine was never down im in naples florida.

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