Diablo III? Never heard of it. wrote: "So there's been a lot of fuss over some game called Diablo III. From what I can guess from the title, it's about some kind of Satan-esque character and it's the second sequel in the series. Oh, and it's from the guys who make that waste of time we lovingly address as World of Warcraft. That's about as informed as I am, and that's about as much as I could care about it.

Frankly, I've never played it and don't really want to… Get your torches ready, again. Here I come to lay into a game I've never even played."

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CrazzyMan3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

BUT, fans of the Diablo will be HAPPY with what D3 will be.
And ONLY that matters. =)

You don`t like, don`t play, we like and we Will.
Why fix if it`s not broken? And Blizzard always make a High QUALITY games, maybe not always inovative, but always high quality.
Overall, some nostalgy with new visuals, why not? =)

p.s. though, if there would be option to jump between 3rd and 1st person views, that would be really GREAT. =) But, that probably would take years..

LGFreedom3821d ago

The last thing we need is Diablo cloning itself... I agree with the article.

kurochi3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I'm like the author for this story. I've never played it and I'm not sure if I would want to. My friends are going ga-ga over it, but I just don't see why. I suppose it's like how some of us really loves Halo or Final Fantasy and some don't. To each their own!!!

Bolts3821d ago

You're point doesn't make sense. Most people who hate Halo and Final Fantasy don't usually hate them because they did not play them in their prime. They hate them because they played them and found the experience wanting.

Are there people out there who played Diablo and hate it? Yes. But Diablo is the Doom of the RPG world. You don't have to love it to be in awe of what it represents. And just like Doom, it is the most heavily copied game of it's genre but there's nothing like the real thing.

kurochi3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )


Why doesn't it make sense? I enjoyed Halo 2 but I hated Halo 3. It was the same shxt over & over again. Nothing to wow me like Halo 2 did. I like most of the Final Fantasy series, but there are the ones that I just don't like to play.
Why doesn't it make sense? I've seen my friends play Diablo, but I just don't like it. Personal preference makes all the difference in the world.
Just because you love it, doesn't mean I have to. It's like saying once everyone has had watermelon, everyone would love it. Which just isn't true.

tplarkin73821d ago

Quote from article: "Oh no, it’s isometric. We’ve gone back to 2001, and it’s Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance all over again."

That was my exact feeling when I saw the footage. Even in 2001, isometric was a crime.

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Gun_Senshi3821d ago

Anyone who did not play Diablo and Starcraft cannot call himself a hardcore gamer, espically Starcraft

LGFreedom3821d ago

That's your opinion and it's total rubbish.

Drekken3821d ago

His opinion is valid. Those games are huge staples in online gaming. For a writer to have no shame to say he has NEVER heard of it... come on... and if you have never heard of it, you owe it to yourself to try it. I logged on not too long ago and there is still a lot of people playing.

Only excuse I can give this guy is if he is 13yrs old.

LGFreedom3821d ago

The article is done with tongue firmly implanted in cheek... good gracious. Do people have to spell it out ?

Drekken3821d ago

Oh he has heard of it, he is just a sarcastic gamer... OOOOOOH, well sarcastic or not he sure knows how to make a jack out of himself.

LGFreedom3821d ago

He's the moron, but you can't tell sarcasm when you read it? Good gracious, you actually believed that he had never heard of fracking DIABLO before?

OMG. This forum is going to hell.

iamtehpwn3821d ago

Some people just don't like Slow paced games that like that.

I spent my Childhood with Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon, thank you very much.

Chronopath3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

We all know that sarcasm doesnt travel well over a cat5 cable, some get it while some fall short. We can only assume that the ones who don't get it at all are still swapping out their phones during game time.

Its called for a reason. They're most of the time trying to be funny. AND especially not to be taken seriously. for after all they do bare the word SARCASM in their web address.

As for ur starcraft comment. I never got into it although I was pretty heavy on D1&2 so am I any less of a gamer? Its simply a matter of OPINION.(note that was my opinion) Just incase that didn't come through...(I dunno maybe you were getting a phone call at the same time or something...)

Gun_Senshi3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Dude are you a fanboy of Sarcastic Gamer? (Bad site btw)

Diablo and Starcraft shaped gaming. Without Diablo and Starcraft gaming won't be the same (RPGs and RTS genres)

and lol at idiot who call slow paced. never played them did you.
Also if you played Pokemon in your childhood then you are still a child.

Drekken3821d ago

Either you guys work @ that website or you have something wedged where it shouldnt be.

I LOVEEEEEEE Sarcasm... this article was crap from the first line.

I was more of a Diablo player than SC, but seriously... these games paved the way for online gaming to the masses. Just because we dont agree with SG doesnt mean this site is going to crap. I know with every game there will be whiners... but this is exciting news and he is pissing on our parade, so we should be able to piss back.

Topshelfcheese3821d ago

@Gun Senshi

I'm sorry man, but you can't go and boldly claim as a fact that those games shaped today's RPG and RTS genre. It can be your opinion and everyone can have one, but you have to state it as such. For example imo you are wrong and I believe Baldur's Gate was a far better PC RPG series.

Gun_Senshi3821d ago

Baldur's Gate came after Diablo and that Diablo and Starcraft changed RPGs and RTS is a fact not an opinion.

Most Western RPGs are wanna be Diablo espically games like dungoen siege and Baldur's Gate

ip-student3821d ago

I liked Diablo but to compare it to Baldur's Gate is wrong - completely different games IMO - the game play was in no way similar. Now, subsequent RPGs have become more action packed ala Diablo so there is no doubt that Diablo had a major influence on games in general. But you cannot compare it to Baldur's Gate.

Still, the trailer and the sample game-play looked great - if I have to I will upgrade my PC for that one. I really would prefer to have it on a console so I don't have to upgrade but some things I cannot resist - like Dragon Age - another title I have to play. So I will upgrade enough to play both and be done with it.

Diugu3821d ago

I played both but I cant say you're being reasonable with what you are saying.

Personally I know some great gamers that never played one of them or maybe both. It is a matter of age and interest. Not playing those games (which are great btw) does mean anything other than not playing them lol.

PS: I disagree with him.. he should play them, they are great. I dont know if I am happy or not that they kept the isometric view but I will definately get this one for the PC.

tplarkin73821d ago

Wrong. He was serious. Besides, you can never hear tone in writing. Sarcasm in writing is impossible to communicate. You have to be explicit if you want to avoid confusion.

Skizelli3821d ago

"OMG. This forum is going to hell."

It's already there. Where have you been?

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LGFreedom3821d ago

liar, liar, pants on fire... :)

Drekken3821d ago

This guy just lost ANY respect I had for him. If you dont know about the game then seriously - SHUT IT.

This is the ONLY game announced for PC that will have me upgrading.

True, the could have changed the view, but that just would of took away the Diablo feel. If you dont know, then just keep your opinion to yourself! This announcement is MASSIVE, this game is MASSIVE and I can not wait!!!!!!!

Massive-Delusion3821d ago do know the site's called SARCASTICgamer...?

shotputking3821d ago

what he doesn't know about is how to write a good article, especially with the angle he was going for. you shouldn't spend the first few paragraphs saying, "umm... i thought this was a joke... now i'm not sure..." and then at one point going, "ok... well it's a sarcastic joke type thing... but it's just not very inventive or entertaining..."

Drekken3821d ago

yeah yeah Sarcasticgamer, I get it. But sarcasm should also be accompanied by some sort of humor. Did someone find this funny?? I didnt.

tplarkin73821d ago

Why upgrade for a game that's played from a mile above?

zagibu3821d ago

Hehe, you don't like isometric view, do you? But, actually, there is more reason to upgrade for a game showing isometric view (if it's 3d) than for an FPS game, because the higher camera shows more things, which needs a better system to compute.

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