Lords of The Fallen Is Probably a PS4 Exclusive in Japan

Lords of The Fallen was released for PS4, PC and Xbox One in the west, but it might be a PS4 exclusive in Japan.

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badz1491386d ago

Not surprising at all considering the Xbone is pretty much non-existant over there.

showtimefolks1386d ago

No doubt Xbox one sold 27000 I think at launch and no is still sitting around 35-37000

Inception1386d ago

If MS not do something quick with that non-existant X1 sales in japan, than next year all multiplats like Phantom Pain, The Witcher 3, FF XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, etc will become PS4 exclusive for japan.

bouzebbal1386d ago

Batman is already skipping x1 in Japan

MasterCornholio1386d ago

I honestly don't think that Microsoft cares to much about Japan. They have other territories to worry about.