Rascal Jester is doing away with the stereotype that pro gamers only play video games

Rascal Jester, the first ever Japanese League of Legends team to move into a gaming house is pioneering a new to approach being a professional gamer.

Rascal Jester and CROOZ, a japanese internet company the team has partnered with are creating a new kind of culture for pro gamers. And that is being a professional gamer while also working a day job. A unique way to approach the partnership, Rascal Jester team members are not only playing for CROOZ but also works for them in the business world.

Hoping to do away with the stereotype that gamers only know how to play video games and nothing else, Rascal Jester is out to prove to the world that they’re not only good at bringing out the GGs but also bringing home the bacon.

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