The Game Awards Will Premiere New Bloodborne and The Order: 1886 Footage

Sony is gearing up to show off brand new footage of their upcoming games just ahead of The PlayStation Experience.

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Relientk771271d ago

Sweet! I wanna see more from both

Cindy-rella1271d ago

Im excited to see more the order 1886 game play because it looks amazing. Im mainly a pc gamer but must give respect to what i see with the order 1886 so far with its tech and being a ps4 exclusive. Can't believe the ps4 is capable of such awesome tech

vishmarx1271d ago

its funny how much ps presence is there at tga considering they have their own show hours later at the same place lol

3-4-51271d ago

How does Nintendo make Mario Kart 8 & Super Smash Brothers in the same year, yet they don't make Developer of the year list and Blizzard does ?

Really ? for real ?

Just because Blizzard puts out a WoW expansion every year doesn't mean that = dev of the year.

The MAIN work on that game was done YEARS AGO.

Blizzard is awesome though....just saying.

* I think there should be another 3-4 entries for each category. List seems too thin.

JMaine5181271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Wait so PSX starts first right? I think they said 10am PST for the conference. When does the game awards starts?

Edit: nvm PSX starts on the 6th. So the game awards will get this new footage first. Cool, I just want to see new footage.

KiwiViper851271d ago

Clearing some space at PSX so they can fit the PSTV presentation.

I kid, I kid

Gamesgbkiller1271d ago

Please don't disappoint us.

Forn1271d ago

This is a duplicate article.

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