Xbox 360 price cut shows up in Radio Shack ad

The beans may already have been spilled by Kmart, but now another store has briefly emerged from retail obsolescence to spread the legend of the $50 Xbox 360 price cut. A Radio Shack employee recently mailed Joystiq the evidence, some scans of what they claim is an upcoming ad set to take effect on July 13 (same as the Kmart ad).

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Condoleezza Rice3794d ago

Any price cut is a good thing in my book,hopefully,Microsofts next one will be bigger than $50.

Real gamer 4 life3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

So is the price cut only for refurbshied console or new ones? i am just asking cause i don't know.

Mr_Bun3794d ago

I was wondering the same thing, but how can they all be refurbed?

sonarus3794d ago

Yea the refurb is confusing to me. A 50 bucks price cut could be huge. Whatever brings them closer to wii price. Excellent job by Msoft. Doubt sony will be making any major price drops for a while probably not till holiday

LegendKillar3794d ago

where is everyone getting this refurbished console from?

sticky doja3794d ago

It is illegal to sell a refurbished anything without stating that it is refurbished.

I don't see anywhere anything about the system being refurbished. Also I wouldn't by a refurb 360 right now that wasn't at least $50 less than retail anyway.

Mr_Bun3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

the refurbed comments pertain to the K-mart flyer (which started this "rumour") which showed that the 50$ price cut applied to refurbished 360s

I know it is kotaku (which is just as reliable as Patcher), but it is a rumor nonetheless

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Real gamer 4 life3794d ago

I Wished sony would cut the price of their machine as well. I would like a price cut before i shell out for a 40 gig. Hopefully this price cut by microsoft would force sony to respond and cut the price of their machine as well. And if they can't cut the price a nice bundle would do just as good.

LaChance3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Btw why only 50$ ?

I mean 100$ for instance has a far bigger impact on a cosumers mind than 50$.

Its not bad but 250$ looks ALOT more appealing tha 300$ though the gap is only 50$.

Maybe want to keep some tricks up their sleeve for futur moves if necessary.

I thought they were gonna keep the price cut for Geow2 , its not an urgency in the USA right now.

sonarus3794d ago

Prob because of the value of the dollar going down and all that

Qbanboi3794d ago

Don't you think that MS is losing money too. The dollar is not good right now.

chasegamez3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

soon its going 2 be free
lol just joking

highdro3794d ago

OK, i guess ms is really on this console war thing !! sony needs to respond because price cuts is always a good thing no matter what device it is.

CAPT IRISH3794d ago

i don't think Sony can afford a price cut

thehitman3794d ago

Is fine up until the holidays. They going to need to drop 50 in order to look economical. PPL may want a ps3 but go 360 just because its out of price range Sony needs to avoid that.

Real gamer 4 life3794d ago

The way i see it is sony has two option this holiday season. Is either cut the price of the ps3 or make a nice appealing bundle, Something like maybe two games and a extra controller. It should be intersting to see how sony respond to microsoft price cut. I think they are going to wait and see first if the price cut has any impact. Because as we all know, microsoft price cut had a minimal impact in europe.

DaddyDC6503794d ago

Are they planning on dropping the prices of the Arcade and Elite 360 consoles? Maybe replace the Arcade 360 with the 20GB and the 20GB with a 60GB?

thehitman3794d ago

price on wifi and the elite because gears looks juicy to me I like the online mode the 2v2v2v2v2 mode especially I always like those type of game types. Where you vs a bunch of other teams instead of just a typical 3v3 or 8v8. Resistance did it sort of but gears hit my sweat spot with that game mode. 360 is to expensive right now to get the full experience.

450 for elite
100 wifi
50 to play gears online.....
and if I dont wanna be buying batteries a lot
15 recharable batteries

615 + tax $60 and I still gotta buy gears so thats another $65 too much money to be dishing out for 1 game...

Blakzhuk3794d ago

$499 for 80gb PS3
$60 for DS3
$12 for HDMI cable
$60 for Resistance 2
$60 for Resistance 1


Wifi isn't essential to playing online and neither is rumble. So you can take 100 off of 360 and 60 off for PS3.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

80 gb with ds3 and mgs4 and pain $499
you can find hdmi's for next to nuthin but ok $12
rfom $8 rental
rfom2 $60
$580 + tax

you really dont need wifi rumble hdmi 80gb or elite to play either game, but to compare value you must consider all features available.

XBOX 3603794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )


The 80gb PS3 bundle comes with a DS3.

And great job adding 2 games to increase the price?

sticky doja3794d ago

Get a wired connection because that wireless you will be using gives me the edge. I don't even use wireless on my PS3 because of the lag difference.

Nathaniel_Drake3794d ago

Off topic here, but can you choose a wireless router that let's you choose which machine to be wired and which to be wireless

Like I want the wired for the PS3 and the computer, but want the wireless for my laptop and PSP

Are wireless routers built that way?

SUP3R3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

That should be in configured in the settings of the device you want to connect to the router.
Meaning for the console there's the option of using either a wireless or wired connection, PSP only provides a wireless connection and your PC/Laptop would have to be configured through the network connection properties.
The modem simply provides the network options. The settings are managed through the connecting device.

sticky doja3794d ago

Has wireless built in but also has 4 lan (cat-5) ports on the back. I use the lan ports for my PC, PS3 and 360. I use the wireless for my laptop and Wii. I have no problems with any of them and it usually configures itself with ease. Most other wireless routers besides mine also have lan ports. Hope that helps.

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