Everything you need to know about Telltale's Game of Thrones

MWEB GameZone writes: "A lot of GoT fans are purists and could heavy criticise Telltale from deviating from both the story and the culture of Game of Thrones.

Given Telltale's ability to write extremely good stories and immerse the player into the world they've created, we are giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Here's everything you need to know about Telltale's GoT."

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lord zaid1358d ago

Wasn't too interested in this, but the new trailer has my attention.

HanCilliers1358d ago

So cool to hear the characters from the TV series. Gonna be awesome to meet them in the game

Sillicur1358d ago

Yeh the trailer is awesome :)

lord zaid1358d ago

Really like that launch trailer. One of the best non-gameplay trailers I've seen in a while

DesVader1358d ago

In this game, I expect to die a lot, much like the book and the series :D

SMcNu7151358d ago

I believe this is going to be a fun diversion while we all patiently await season 5. I'm excited!

HanCilliers1358d ago

You not concerned about Telltale deviating from the source material?

plut0nash1358d ago

I still have to play The Walking Dead

Sillicur1358d ago

You really do! and tales from the borderlands while your at it :)

schmoe1358d ago

this is what i want for Christmas

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