Microsoft's Xbox One Should Assimilate Kinect, Keep The Mic, Lose The Motion

The Xbox One is arguably a better system now that it’s lost the Kinect from its bundle. Not that the Kinect is such a bad piece of technology it shouldn’t exist at all, but suffice to say most wouldn’t believe that it’s worth tacking on $100 extra to every single console sold, as it did when it was a mandatory part of the package. Who doesn’t remember the absurd days when Microsoft was saying things like “Xbox One is Kinect” and vice versa?

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badboyz091300d ago

Microsoft will do the the usual Milk Multiple SKU slim Models. With the next model probably having a Kinect integrated in some how.

IrishSt0ner1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

I kinda agree I wouldn't want X1 without Kinect as voice control is amazing, However the 1080p Nightvision tracking camera side has been useless to me.. Kinect fitness or those dancing games may appeal to some, not me... plus when I smoke the damn thing thinks I'm gesturing.

I would say ditch the camera entirely but there is talk of it being used to assist AR, that defientely is intriguing, pity it'll probably suck... but one can hope.

ScorpiusX1300d ago

Like I have said before a MS needs to keep all forms of kinect going while getting games for it made by partnerships. They cant let it sit cause them tools(Apple) who bought prima senses will come out with some similar product and everyone will once again think they are responsible for kinect technology or that they made it easier. Rather MS overwhelm us with kinect than let apple get in on anything kinect.

tgunzz1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

I love it the way it is...