Rumor: PlayStation 2 titles coming to PSN

A Poster on the N4G Forums has shown a picture showing PlayStation 2 titles on the PlayStation store. You can clearly see Metal Gear Solid 2 being priced at £12.99.


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Real gamer 4 life3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

lol sony is on a killing spree. Psn keeps getting better and better.

SickNick853822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

now it's very hard for M$ Live...i see also SSX,red faction,ridge racer and total immersion racing/toca in this image...

sonarus3822d ago

Now THIS is exciting news. Never really cared for achievements so don't really care for trophies. The thought of going back to play old games just for a score is just annoying to me. I would replay uncharted and MGS4 though everything else can go rest. I hope GT5 supports music playing that is the spark i needed to get back on that game.

PS2 titles however > than all the new features. This is a very exciting time to be a PS3 owner. The psn continues to expand. After being out for less than 2 yrs while xbox live has been out for over 5yrs but still psn is fighting hard to match its feature set in less the time and it still remains free. The fact that the psn free is worthy of a little "good job" sony remark from good job sony

The Wood3822d ago

Nice. I always thought that ps1 games were taking it too far back but ps2 games are definitely more playable since they aren't so dated in look and feel

Tarasque3822d ago

Sorry, I could care less about this. If sony is not going to make update's to support my ps2 game's then i am not going to re buy them.

jkoz3822d ago

Doubt 40 gig users can use this until the PS2 patch comes, which was rumored a while ago for Sept/Oct... so no you won't rebuy them since you can't use them. Once Sony patches PSN PS2 games to work, I assume the same patch will patch physical PS2 discs as well to run.

wolfehound223822d ago

This is great, but they do not support bringing PS1 games to the PSN. Unless you are in Japan we only have a handful of PS1 games. So although this sounds great and would be great if true. What would leave me to believe that if this does happen after the first few montes its like the PS1 games and they all just go to Japan.

I want this to be true and maybe since these are more recent games than the PS1 games the won't have licensing issues which I believe is what is holding the PS1 releases back. Heres to hoping this turns out good.

Marceles3822d ago

Fantavision, MGS2, Red Faction, Ridge Racer 5, Smugglers Run, SSX, The Bouncer...hmm

chasuk083822d ago

Im just happy that they are showing this on uk store. Bout time uk got some games on the store.

Delive3822d ago

I agree with you there. At current conversion rates, £12.99 turns out to be about $25.86. If I can get the disk version at a fraction of the cost, and save disk space in the process, why would I do this? Even at that, once your done, you can't get anything for the downloaded game, like a trade in. Now, If a game is brought out with network support that it did not have, or split screen multiplayer it needed or a better framerate (Killzone), then maybe, but it would have to be better than the disk or a RARE title that you cannot find on disk.

ThanatosDMC3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Those are over priced. You can buy all those games in gamestop for $7-9 each!!!

joemayo763822d ago

I've always wanted to try smuggler's run :)

thebudgetgamer3821d ago

will anyone be willing to play ps2 games online?

Lifendz3821d ago

E3 is going to be major. Can't wait to see what Sony unveils.

Utalkin2me3821d ago

On a killing spree please, you have been waiting almost 2 year's for this. Been long time overdue, just show's how far sony has been behind in console race.

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Condoleezza Rice3822d ago

So much awesome Playstation news!

SSX will be a must buy for me without a doubt,same goes for any Metal Gear game released online.

Mr_Showtime13822d ago

All this news is excellent for PSN, a video store, in game XMB, in game music, trophies, playstation LIFE and now PS2 games on the store, relentless!

Day by day I have less reason to play my Xbox(until Gears 2 of course)

Condoleezza Rice3822d ago

But I gotta admit;Sony are making EXCELLENT moves towards a more unified and universal Online Network,it will really be hard for me to shell out another Yearly Subscription for Live after FW 2.40 hits and more titles have support for all it's features.

Vip3r3822d ago

Agreed. SSX is the only one I haven't played yet and I've been wanting it for quite a while now.

If Sony release PS2 games soon then that'd be so damn awesome especially that 2.4 is only 2 days away.

Nitrowolf23822d ago

if this is true then i will be happy
but sony better release allot of them in all region
they should get all the big hitters that were on PS2 on there

kosha3822d ago

Agreed they need the big hitters. I dont wanna be seing games like barbie goes to dream land or something on the store. I want resi4.

I think thats what happened with the ps1 games. I was expecting mgs and resi and my personal favourite, hogs of war but they never came.

turbidDwarf3822d ago

Shadow of the Colossus, Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cries, God of Wars, Final Fantasies, Metal Gear Solids, and the countless others I'm missing.

BlackCountryBob3822d ago

Ico, Resi 4, Psychonauts, Ratchet, Jak and Daxter, Sly Racoon, Okami, POP: Sands of Time, Black, Timesplitters 2&3 and the GTA's (VC and SA especially), I don't want much do I! :p I am glad I have left uni so I can be earning enough money to buy all these games at £12.99 a pop.

I wonder if this is a way Sony is planning to enhance further the life of the PS2; imagine if all further PS2 games got a day and date PSN release too, I could see a lot of continued PS2 development carrying on purely because of the ability to launch to 2 different audiences!

ThanatosDMC3822d ago

I want Monster Hunter on my Hard Drive... though i all ready have it in my memory stick...

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ikiru33853822d ago

i don't think it'll happen. for it to happen, all PS3 models must play ps2 games and 40 gig models can't play them at all. Firmware update for BC won't work so I call BS on this.

resistance1003822d ago

Why, this is a downloadable version which will run off the PS3 chipset, not the disk based version which would need emulation or a Ps2 chipset

butterfinger3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

download PS1 games on the 40GB. lol.

ikiru33853822d ago

i really really doubt it. i am more apt to sony expanding their ps1 titles. plus the ps2 still sells so im willing to bet that gamers will rather buy ps2 games off retail.

Pornlord3822d ago

Firmware update for BC will only apply to disc based games. They code the PS1 and hopefully the future PS2 games to work on the PS3 before they release them on the PSN. I just wonder if they will be compatible with HD or not. I have a 40 gig, so I don't get BC but do PS2 games fill the screen or are they cut off at the sides?

Kholinar3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

"i don't think it'll happen. for it to happen, all PS3 models must play ps2 games and 40 gig models can't play them at all. Firmware update for BC won't work so I call BS on this."

There are a few possibilities.

1. These could be only available to ps3 models with compatibility. People who didn't buy compatible consoles (like me) would not be able to play, but we knew that when we got it, so we shouldn't complain too much.

2. Sony could release emulators for all consoles without compatibility.

3. Sony could release emulators for all consoles without compatibility and charge $20, $30, or $40 for the functionality.

4. As others have said, these could be specially revised for non-disk based compatibility, so standard bc could have nothing to do with it.

Gothdom3822d ago

all PS3's play PS1 titles.

the 40gb right now doesn't play PS2 titles, but we saw a rumour about an update that could change that. If this picture is true, then it points toward the possibility of having an update for the 40gb.

f7897903822d ago

Charging the 40GB owners for PS2 backwards compatibility access. When I bought mine I could only spend so much so I chose a 40GB. Now I want the backwards compatibility and have to keep a ps2 crowding my shelves.

Pornlord3822d ago

"3. Sony could release emulators for all consoles without compatibility and charge $20, $30, or $40 for the functionality."

That is actually a likely possibity if the BC is an issue. It would make sense to charge us for a service that others had already paid for when they got BC capable PS3. I wouldn't mind the fee, especially the fee being optional, you could only win with this solution.

Kholinar3822d ago

"Charging the 40GB owners for PS2 backwards compatibility access. When I bought mine I could only spend so much so I chose a 40GB. Now I want the backwards compatibility and have to keep a ps2 crowding my shelves."

I had a terrible time finding an 80gb. The price plus that made me opt for the 40gb.

Yeah, I don't think it's bad to defray the cost of development. But there'd be a ton of complaints... lots of flame wars as well. I'd ignore it all and put down my $20-40 for a huge, fabulous library of titles instantly at hand.

dantesparda3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

About paying for it, before all the other Sony fanboys hear youse and start agreeing (you know, youse and your pack mentalities, lol). And no, paying for it would be a horrible idea. Charging for what Sony said "was core value" would be terrible. They need to just hurry the fvck up and emulate the sh!t already. And do it right, 360 style, where they upconvert all their games to at least 720p

coolfool3822d ago

Charging us for backwards compatibility? That would be a complete joke.

In america, there has always been the choice to have a BC console but in Europe we have barely had the choice. Yes, if you were quick last year and had the cash to spend you could have got a 60gb which had the partial BC (software).

But what if you couldn't afford one and had to save up? Little Johnny really wanted to play his ps2 games on his ps3 as well so he saved up but just as he almost got there Sony say that they are discontinuing the 60gb model. Poor johnny, now he has no choice, no options, he has to settle for a lesser 40gb model without BC.

Don't worry though, little Johnny can get BC later wait. He has to pay more money for it. So not only does not get the ps3 he wanted, if he does want that one extra feature he has to shell out more cash. Especially as he was told by Sony that BC was going to be part of the console from the beginning, as a standard feature of the console.

Also the idea that you might have to buy a game that you already have is laughable. Correct me if I am wrong here but when you purchase a game you are effectively buying your license to play it, listen to the music on it etc. for life (within the laws of copywrite). So why should you have to pay again for this?

I want to get a Playstation 3, I really do. But sometimes Sony make it so difficult.

iamtehpwn3822d ago

It has to do with the lack of PS2's GPU and CPU. This can be easily fixed through emulation. If it was emulation, emulation can be easily used from the harddrive or from the disc. This is ALREADY being done for PS1 games.

There is NO PS1 hardware inside the PS3, and yet, the PS3 is 100% compatible with PS1 games. This is due to emulation, which has been working disc based, and from the harddrive.

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resistance1003822d ago

This is just a rumor, but that looks way way to good to be a photoshop. I suspect this is real and will be annouced along with the video store at E3

coolfool3822d ago

Did this shot come from?

it says the forums but where before then?