Next Halo: The Master Chief Collection Matchmaking Update Due This Week

In case you were wondering, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is still not working entirely as intended. 343 Industries says the next repair to one of Microsoft’s biggest releases of the year is due this week.

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mhunterjr1352d ago

Hopefully, the patch to end all patches...

The game is brilliant when it works... Which makes it so disappointing when it doesn't.

mixolydian_id1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

I'm skeptical at best.

Generally, it's an ok experience if you want to play a few games... Anything more gets tedious.

MM times are way better then they used to be... When you get a game everything is great.

Still... The underlying issues I feel are so deep rooted that it can't possibly be fixed so close to launch.

Uneven teams - not actually that fussed really. Because ranked playlists aren't fully implemented, it doesn't matter.

Party's being split either side - again ... Same as above ^^^

Clunky roster - can't see this getting any better :/

Disconnected after map loading screen - probably can't be fixed... Unless with an entire overhaul.

Sent back to lobby and disconnected from party - again... Seems to be a big problem which would probably have been resolved already it was so sinple.

Campaign saved game disappearing - patch able... But won't be considered until the above have been corrected

There's definitly more there but I'd say these are the game-breakers.

The fact it took months to patch previous 343 games e.g file browser... Leads me to think there is literally now way to resolve these problems in the short term.
MS would need to fly in some of their best coders to right this mess... And they've already invested so much money elsewhere... They've gotta be totally over budget already.

If everyone is working overtime to fix things, they'll be paying dearly for that too

mhunterjr1351d ago

I don't think we have enough information about the cause of these bugs to make such assumptions about how much longer it will take to fix...

For all we know, they've already figured out the cause of all of the problems you've mentioned, and previous patches already contain the framework for permanent fixes.

I'm cautiously optimistic myself, and you certainly have the right to be a skeptical, but unless you're on the coding team, any attempts at suggesting a timetable is pure speculation.

True_Samurai1351d ago

Different experience on my end the last update. Fixed majority of my problems for finding games. I can now find games in 1min or less. Only 2/10 chances of lag also

Septic1351d ago

Sat in the lobby for about 15 mins yesterday. No joy.

My review incoming ¬¬

BlissSeeker1351d ago

It's doubtful. I feel there are too many problems ranging from my game freezing (accompanied by a loud, monotonous sound) to multiplayer having errors 80% of the time.

dkp231351d ago

I think this will be an ongoing issue. At least I can get into games rather quickly but staying connected for the next match is an issue. Also the unbalanced team is an issue still, the game should not start with odd # of players in team slayer. Not are why they would allow that.

But at least I can play using matchmaking now

mhunterjr1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

uneven teams has been a thing since halo 2. It's really not that big a deal, especially since the matchmaking takes the handicap into the equation. If I had a party off three, It wasn't uncommon to get matched with a less skilled party of four. It made for good , thrilling matches with high stakes in terms of post game rankings.

Often sticking with a 3 man team was better than getting lumped with a 4th stranger who wanted to go lone wolf.

towelie12881351d ago

Dont have nearly as many issue playing MM compared to launch
I am playing 5-6 matches in a row with no issues

This game is a blast!!! When working

Farmassy1351d ago

yeah. I haven't had any problems getting matches in the last week either. I think some of it might be region based though because it seems some people are still having issues.

I have not problems finding a game but its still not perfect. They need to bring back other playlists and some playlists are more difficult than others to find a game.

The game is amazing though. I am trying to split my time between MMC and farcry and it is difficult. I love playing all my favorite halo games in 1.

Hamzaali1351d ago

waiting for this update

NeoGamer2321351d ago

Nice to see 343 has been doing weekly patches to improve the experience. Still not sure if this will be the final patch though.

tdogchristy901351d ago

Picked this up in a Friday bundle, with the cost of the system got the game for free. Not much of a mutliplayer, played my share with the originals....however looking forward to revisiting campaigns

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