'Too Human' Xbox 360 Preview, In The Shadow of 'Metal Gear' (MTV Multiplayer Preview)

Stephen Totilo writes:

"In previewing "Too Human," the ambitious Xbox 360 game slated for August 19 release, I can't help but think of the other game I spent a good chunk of my weekend playing: "Metal Gear Solid 4."

Is that unfair? Not totally. "Too Human" is made by Silicon Knights, the studio that last did… a re-make of the first "Metal Gear Solid." Silicon Knights' new game, like "MGS4? has been made to tell a significant story. I found "Too Human" to be superior to "MGS4? in at least one key way. But aside from all that, I just find it impossible to repress comparisons. We don't play games in a vacuum. The achievements in one affect our appreciation of the successes or failures in another.

"Too Human" nestles in between "MGS4?'s extreme tendencies, for good and bad."

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Condoleezza Rice3824d ago

I might buy Too Human,but so far,tbh,I haven't been impressed by it in the same way I was impressed by games such as Mass Effect etc.

LaChance3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Still not any 100% "great game" preview but at least way better than those old previews..
Of course it isnt as spectacular as other 360 blockbusters but looks like it can be a good game if they get the package right before launch.

Really hope it lives up to the hype.That will mean the sequals will be coming in and it will be another great franchize to add to the list of 360 franchizes.Sony already have thei list of big franchizes , MSFT have to play catch up , so Too Human better be a good game.

Anyway if it sucks , well we'll still have Tales of Vesperia and Infinite Undiscovery in the following month.

ikiru33853824d ago

No, LaChance, Sony does not have all of their big franchises yet.

But i'm hoping Too Human will be great.

gaffyh3823d ago

One thing I'd like to point out is that Silicon Knights didn't write the story for MGS remake, they just improved the graphics and retold the same story (with minor differences).

It's taking the piss that this guy is even comparing these two games, one is a proven franchise, and one has been described as the the 360's Haze/Lair.

JokesOnYou3824d ago

not sure this will be the huge hit I was waiting for, its so close to release and this seemed like a fair review which says basicly its a great game but still unrefined in some areas....still with so much depth I definitely think this game will be alot of fun.


The Wood3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

but that game was a must buy/play title. Time will tell if this falls into the same category

deeznuts3824d ago

Like Uncharted, this game seems to be around 10 hours or less:

Unlike Uncharted, they didn't find this game to be too fun. We'll see when it finally comes out.

Rims3824d ago

This game will flop hard.

Sangria3824d ago

...why does he force himself to compare the game to Metal Gear series?


is his way of hyping this game.

KeiulZen3823d ago

Thank you soo much sir. All of these non-traditional gaming sources are all of a sudden becoming "game experts." The Times or whatever publication wanted to diss MGS4. Betcha the bastards didnt even know it was 6 games before it, hell probably didnt know it was 3 before it @[email protected]

ikiru33853824d ago

what's the point of this author comparing Too Human to Metal Gear?

I'm really hoping for this to be a great game.

Topshelfcheese3824d ago

Ya it made no sense...He might as well compared Guitar Hero to Gears of War as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.