Quasi-review: The Crew | Stevivor

After an afternoon with the game, reviewer Steve Wright is not enjoying The Crew. His initial thoughts have been complied for your perusal.

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BigBosss1328d ago

Played the beta and didn't enjoy it at all, driving looked stiff and the graphics seemed downgraded from what was shown a while ago. Sorry Ubisoft, not buying your BS again. Unless you make a progress then I will reconsider.

skydragoonity1328d ago

Oh dear ubisoft.. Pls go back to making great games like u used to

ZombieStalker1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

So this isn't a full review. Then why even write it???? Their last comment: "Check back for our full thoughts and a proper review soon." So this isn't a proper review...then why the HELL did you write this crap?????

So basically he doesn't like the initial intro to the game where you drive a truck trying to evade the police. Then later on he doesn't like the blue line GPS? This smells a lot like he played the Beta.....especially since the game isn't out till tomorrow.

As I have stated here on N4G before, wait till the game is out and then right a fully detailed review where a consumer can truly decide on whether or not to buy the game.

How can you really make a decision on a game when you have these reviews that lack any substance?? It is obvious the writer hasn't played much of the game. Put some time into these games and then write a good review. These writers are trying to beat the clock and get reviews out before others so that they can get more hits (which equals $$$) on their sites.

Now I wait for more quality reviews before making my final decision.....

wannabe gamer1328d ago

yea this is what ubi was talking about when they said dont read these reviews. cause this is junk and shouldnt be written

purebennyc1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

not a fan of "quasi-reviews", "reviews in progress" whatever you wanna call them. Nothing more than a way to generate web hits and do nothing to give gamers a real indication of what a game is like.