Thimbleweed Park: Interview With Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick

Mangotron interviews creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick on Thimbleweed Park.

"In a lot of ways Thimbleweed Park is that. The art looks like Maniac Mansion, but I think you’ll find the design and story structure to be a lot like Monkey Island."

"At that point we realized why not have these individual stories all take place in the same place and tie them back into one overriding story arc."

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LaFleur1352d ago

Cool interview. Enjoyed reading this.

newgamernation1352d ago

Great interview, well done.

Captain_Mushroom1351d ago

Haven't played point and click games older than The Walking Dead, but I guess there's always time to go back to some old-school ones. Will probably give this one a try.

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The story is too old to be commented.