Xbox Support Oblivious to Connection Issues Amid Alleged Hacking

While the rest of the word tweeting about Xbox Live in relation to the recent connection issues, claimed to be a DDoS attack by Lizard Squad, Xbox Support was fielding questions about the “many benefits” of Xbox Live Gold.

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ValKilmer1324d ago

That's pathetic. Their support seems to consist of some dude with tweetdeck.

XboxOneX1324d ago

No the Xbox support is the best support ever with 24/7 help for ANY issue. I cannot see why people try and make out like the support is BAD when its been proven to be amazing and has received many awards.

22CobraKing1324d ago

It's bad. 24/7 more like playtime. My cousin had a problem and didn't even get to him and it's been a month already.

Gaming247allday1324d ago

Friends are down for me, and @XboxSupport has good support, this issue might of caught them off guard though if it is a DDOS

Omran1324d ago

received many awards ha ha ha ha ! you are funny
since when the supports gets awards for what they are doing

PizzaSteve1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

You get awards now for having good support. Never heard of such.

aragon1324d ago

It was down for 1 and a half hour for me I gave customer service a little grief and the guy said its down and they are working on it, but before we were done I turned on my PS3 so he could hear it start up and told him I'm going to the competition lol in hopes of a gift card or suppen lol

DarXyde1324d ago

Awards? What awards? Specifically, what awards? Being the best of the worst?



I'm not trying to pick on you, but dude, come on. If you're going to troll, be more imaginative. Give some evidence for overly positive reception before writing such ridiculous things. Did a sweep for customer reviews and that's what came back. They do appear to be very active on Twitter with regard to customer questions. That's always good. But the overall service where you need to disclose account information? Nah. I would know. I've gotten red-ringed.

k3rn3ll1324d ago

Your link isn't a survey saying the best of the worst. The survey says they are the best when compared to other companies that had contributedenough customer reviews to be included in the evaluation. Seriously man read your own sources

DarXyde1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )


I did read the sources. Look at the first link again:

"The best customer service for Video Games in 2010 was:
The customer service provided by Xbox in 2010 rated as Disappointing.

There were 95 companies out of 336 in 2010 with a higher rating.

The fact that Xbox was able to get the highest score while still being labeled as "Disappointing" demonstrates how bad most people consider the customer service within Video Games."

Customer service was rated well among other companies in the industry by consumers BUT! is still considered disappointing. I know it isn't an official award--I couldn't even find an award verifying they were the best OR the worst.

I stand by what I said, "best of the worst".

Trekster_Gamer1324d ago

Because this is News For Sony Gamers.

Polluted with Trolls!

DJStotty1324d ago

I think the support is top notch never had an issue with whatever problem i have had even when i bought about 50 pound worth of fifa points by mistake. They refunded me no questions asked.

And more to the topic i was on xbox live all last night up until around 11pm and it is now 8am in the UK so if it did go down it wasnt down for long.

paul-p19881324d ago

Is anyone else beginning to wonder if XboxOneX is actually Aaron Greenberg?

UnHoly_One1323d ago

@xboxsupport is in the guiness book of world records for being the "most responsive brand on twitter".


I'm guessing that is what "awards" he is talking about.

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Abriael1324d ago

What is more ridiculous is that someone would write an article about this' Both Xbox Status and PSN status never get updated immediately. Takes time to investigate a DDOS attack, especially at night.

k3rn3ll1324d ago

This. But it's also not a server status account. Just individual reps answering questions. I've never seen the support accounts post internet tweets on upupdated server status. Awful article by someone trying tO make it to the top on aggregate sites without doing their research first

DJStotty1324d ago

in my experience if xbox live is down you go to the service status page and it will let you know almost straight away if there is an issue and what with.

xbox support is very quick at letting you know there is an issue

timmyp531324d ago

they have no proof it was a hack. lizardpatrol never outright and said it was hacking/hacked xbox live. slippery slopes and shoddy journalism... if you can even call blogs journalism ..

whats happening on n4g we let everything through?

littlefatgirl1324d ago

actually, this is the only story on n4g that doesn't say Lizard Patrol hacked it. The main story is "Lizard Patrol Takes Down Xbox Live."

timmyp531324d ago

Well you say "alleged hacking" although its a a ddos attack. DDOSing is something completely different from hacking.

Lawboy21324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I'm on right now...Xbox one watching game of thrones on HBO go

Also doesn't everyone have the ability to post on Twitter even ppl who don't use Xbox live

ALS check out the update to the just wow

JediDiah1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I just read FBI has the squad leader of the Lizard boys.

littlefatgirl1324d ago

Been removed. Bogus twitter account.

timmyp531324d ago

lol trolls at their finest. during downtime make fake xbox support accounts. the internet =D

timmyp531324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

its weird how this is posted before that... and its from the same website. n4g contributor logic.
Edit: was a fake twitter.

JediDiah1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Hummm I see that was edited now....So the boys are still on the loose? They can't trace their twitter account?

B1uBurneR1324d ago

I've been playing TF for some time now no issue.

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