Pokémon’s Audience Is Growing Older

Pokémon is picking up more and more adults, but this might be happening at the cost of younger players.

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-Foxtrot1393d ago

It is but the problem is they are starting to feel dumbed down. I'm loving Alpha Sapphire but god damn it's easier then the original.

For example take Team Aquas Matt and Shelly, high up Adims of an organization which is who your against during the game, they have one Pokemon each...just ONE and I'm pretty sure in the originals they had more. They are supposed to be higher up people in the group yet they aren't tough enough.

Then lets take your rival who you bump into in the story, they either offer or your dragged along to the location they are talking about and where you have to go next. I'm pretty capable of getting there myself.

Little things I know but Pokemon should at least have some difficulty to it.

I think now is the time for them to make a massive console game. With Pokemons growing audience I think it would sell just as much on a console system.