‘Halo’ Franchise Director Receives Dozens Of Death Threats Over ‘Master Chief Collection’

INQ: Halo: The Master Chief Collection has had more than its share of issues since it launched on the Xbox One in November. Are these problems worthy of death threats though? Franchise Director Frank O’Connor claims to have received more than his fair share.

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Fizzler1328d ago

Well at least he will have a halo to show for it!

tgunzz1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Those caught doing things like this, should be fully prosecuted with jail time, and start to shut this stuff down...

Halo2ODST21328d ago

Just sayin - Bungie never released a broken game. Death threats are never acceptable, neither are broken games, even though threats are worse

Crazay1328d ago

Bungie never released a broken game?

***looks at dusty copy of Destiny on the shelf***


FriedGoat1328d ago

just because it's dusty doesn't mean it's broken. Just get a cloth and wipe it!

JeffGUNZ1328d ago

How is Destiny "broken"? I play it everyday and works fine.

Derekvinyard131328d ago


Dude I would be the first to admit any game is broken but as far as destiny goes it almost seems like they spent most of there time in development making it work good and it shows never once has it frozen on me. It might be a bad game but broken it is not

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opoikl1328d ago

Anita to the rescue... oh wait...

ShinMaster1328d ago


Anita Sarkeesian and her followers will not even acknowledge this because it doesn't paint the image they want.

christian hour1328d ago

Poor Frankie, he was the main reason I visited every week during halo 2-3's development. The weekly whats updates and the silly videos he made were always a good laugh. You don't find community managers like that anymore, not with big devs anyway. Glad to see Frankie is still kicking ass and is still safely guarding halo lore, shame he's getting these death threats though. Does anyone know if he's still transparently active in the community? I made a flash video for halo 2 10 years ago called "worlds largest sick day" and he PM'd me about it :D Good times.

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XboxOneX1328d ago

People making threats because a video game has a small issue at launch is very bad. I remember when David Vonderhaar from Treyarch changed the sniping in an update for black ops 2 and he had tons of death threats from trickshotter snipers on twitter.

AngelicIceDiamond1328d ago

"People making threats because a video game has a small issue at launch is very bad."

Halo MCC wasn't small issue. The death threats are seriously immature and unwarranted but I'm just sayin the Halo issues aren't small is my point.

Gaming247allday1328d ago

How come i can find a match then? if these issues are so big? lol

MasterCornholio1328d ago


You dont represent everyone though. If there wasn't any issue then sites like Gamespot would never have changed their review scores due to them.

IcicleTrepan1328d ago

death threats are bad, but?

there is no 'but'. There is no acceptable reason for it.

Halo2ODST21328d ago

The game doesn't work for me & that is a small issue ? Get lost troll!

DragonbornZ1328d ago

Of course they are.... Cod damn it. I wish I could personally go and bitch slap (pardon my french) every single one of em sending threats. Really making us gamers look like immature a-holes.

Heh... We needa sick Alanah on em.

-Foxtrot1328d ago

A male developer getting death threats...yet no one will take that much notice.

If he was female though....god damn, it would be a shit storm.

Concertoine1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Oh, please. It isn't even about male or female, it's who's trying to make a tool out of their situation and who isn't.

Celebrities, singers, politicians probably get death threats weekly. But they aren't trying to push an agenda. People like Sarkeesian though? She can use those to her advantage.

She could have very well felt threatened that night she called the FBI, but to tweet about it? There's zero reason she should do that, other than to arouse sympathy and to make herself look noble. That is why I hate social media.

But anyway my point is: feminists=feminists, not feminists=women.

Spotie1328d ago

And HIS point is: when it DOES happen to women, gaming is a sexist misogynist community with issues that run deep through its core; it means nothing, though, that male devs, gamers, and critics have been getting death threats all this time.

For some odd reason- not really that odd; we all know why- this treatment of a male developer won't even sink into their minds.

Concertoine1328d ago


Yeah, i agree, im not sure how i was interpreting his comment tbh. It was a late night lol.

BABY-JEDI1328d ago

Guess what. You have taken notice. Please note, your comment is pretty STOOPID

Amuro1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

not as much notice as this satire article that many still think it's real:

If these death threats were aimed at a woman from the team you can bet it would be all over the news, Kotaku, Anita blaming gamergate, etc. It'd be an outrage.

BABY-JEDI1328d ago

@ Amuro Not as much? Who gives a flying f*ck about how much. Death threats period is wrong. Arguing the point of how much this to how much that is just muddying the fact. Which does not help the issue, does it?

coolbeans1327d ago

Didn't take long for that sweeping generalization to be proven false; not to mention instances like that BOII dev getting similar treatment and gamer culture expressing disgust of those death threats as well.

It's a disgusting act to do either way. So why focus on the perceived 'gender inequality in regards to online abuse' than the matter at hand?

rainslacker1327d ago

You're looking at this the wrong way. We just need to find that one female player that sent a death threat to him so we can say that women are sexist and hostile towards males in the gaming community and that one anecdotal piece of evidence is beyond refute, because as we all know, 1 person = 1 billion.

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Relientk771328d ago


Omg leave the developers alone, they are working on fixing the game

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