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Jason_Plays_PC1329d ago

Was just watching a twitch stream of RE Remaster HD played on xbl as of writing servers gone down..Very annoying.

XboxOneX1329d ago

I can CONFIRM I am playing HALO MCC online right now and I have NO issues. This seems like a small amount of people who have this issue and is not all the way across the network. :)

medman1329d ago Show
Naga1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

I've been playing online all evening and only found this out as I was browsing the web... on my Xbox.

My friends list isn't accessible right now, though. I guess that's something...? That's the full extent of XBL being "taken down" on my end.

gamer78041329d ago

Ive had no issues either.

DarXyde1329d ago

You will furnish us with evidence...right? Like, a short video of you playing? It's very unlikely you have any biases towards XBOX One given the neutral username and avatar. I'm pretty sure you're being legit and not trolling. Sadly, I'm very empirically driven and providing some proof is the only way to convince people like me (and I imagine a lot of people feel the same way).

But seriously, it'll happen. Lizard Squad really needs to go. At least Anonymous uses hacktivism. These idiots are just trolls.

Ripsta7th1329d ago

@medman- which is exactly what Sony fans do everytime the network goes down for some.
They come in commenting aboyt how the media makes a big deal and say that your connection is fine and must beonly some user.
Yet when Xbox fans do this you guys stary calling them apologists. One of the reasons why it has put me off this site for a while, hate all the Soony extremists

Naga1329d ago

Regardless of how extensive or limited the effects of this DDOS attack are... these guys deserve a swift and furious kick to their toilet parts.

Illusive_Man1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

No issues here though I'm sure there are some that wish I was having issues.

creatchee1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

I'm playing COD right now. Time stamped image:

Could be isolated

EDIT: My friends list is down though.

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DarthJay1328d ago

@DarXyde: Just for you buddy. I guess the friends list not working means "Xbox Live is down"

MSBAUSTX1328d ago


I have no agenda here at all and I just got done playing Titanfall for about an hour. The only function of XB Live i couldnt access was my friends list. But games were running just fine and smooth. So maybe think before you write dude.

headblackman1328d ago

i was too. i just got off, so im unaware of what xbox live they are talking about :/

Muzikguy1328d ago

That sounds like an awesome idea. Could be the most action these dinks ever get down there though

Septic1328d ago

It's working fine it seems. Was on late last night and not a hiccup on our end.

bouzebbal1328d ago

i smell BS in your words, but if it works for you then you are lucky.

AndrewLB1328d ago

Medman- This might be news to you, but Microsoft has a massive network of servers in regional hubs, so the chances of them all going down are slim to none.

You're just butt-hurt because you attempted to make a childish jab at the Great Satan, Microsoft.. and it failed miserably.

So how many more days of being completely offline will Microsoft have to be in order to be on the same level of horrible as Sony's network? 100+?

Septic1328d ago

"i smell BS in your words, but if it works for you then you are lucky."

How do you know he's lucky? The system is live. It was working fine this morning.

Check again:

SideNote1328d ago

Been good my end too, although Medman,you have no right to call anyone a liar.

bouzebbal1328d ago


i meant he was lucky not to experience any issues while many were reporting them.
and i thought live was so good and no one can hack it?

kstap331328d ago

My friends list was not working last night. Everything else seemed ok.

Septic1328d ago

"and i thought live was so good and no one can hack it? "

Why on Earth did you think that? Do you always take what fanboys say as gospel?

famoussasjohn1328d ago

I couldn't get my friends list to load up because of the DDOS, I still got into Advanced Warfare lobbies but the first match I got into, I couldn't spawn and the next match I was finally able to spawn in. I did notice when I first turned on my Xbox, it had a pop up saying the connection had been interrupted and I was disconnected from Live, but reconnected quickly but I couldn't invite friends to the game. Overly annoying, I hate these people.

UnHoly_One1328d ago

I'm guessing that just the LOGIN servers were down.

So anyone logged in before they started the DDOS was able to remain logged in.

I was online the whole time, but my friend's list went down. I had friends that couldn't log in at all, though, later in the evening.

TheRedButterfly1328d ago

I was Raiding with my friends when this was apparently happening... Guess it was a fairly isolated number of people who were affected.

Eejanaika1328d ago

Ive had no issues and it looks like theirs no real problem with xboxlive at all.
Im assuming this was only posted to satisfy sony fanboys?

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ThanatosDMC1329d ago

It's a shitstorm here in Comcast Wireless gateway support. Too many dbags calling about their xbox not connecting.

strangeaeon1329d ago

Glad to know you think of customers with issues as "dbags", hopefully you aren't the norm for Comcast.

ThanatosDMC1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Well, if their opening lines are "WTF is wrong with my internet you *****" Lots of those then you'd be angry too. We're not their punching bags so we warn them once and then hang up on them.

It's not comcast's fault nor MS.

Dizzydrifter11329d ago

Well I hope you get fired calling the people who pay your bills dbags and saying what company you work for lol smh

jspsc1231329d ago Show
ThanatosDMC1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

No, i agree. I dont like comcast service. The amount of times those nodes go down is ridiculous. It's like they replace it with second hand parts or something.


If i cuss you out nonstop, wouldnt you feel angry too? They dont pay my bills. I dont work for comcast. I'm working for a white label company that represents comcast. A lot of their lower tier agents, which are usually outsourced are so ignorant that it's laughable and we make our own memes about them.

The lower level departments piss off the customers and then transfer to us and then they do not tell us any info about the customer they just talk to. So a customer repeating the same crap usually ends up cussing us out just for asking "how may i help you?"


Yep, same here cant wait for Google to dominate.

Highlife1329d ago

First rule of customer service is the customer is always right. YOU ARE IN THE CUSTOMER SERVICE BUISNESS If you don't like it get another job.

Wizard_King1329d ago Show
rainslacker1329d ago

Sorry to some replying to you, but no customer service rep should have to put up with abuse from customers. The people that say that have never worked in CS a day in their lives.

Having been in jobs that require CS responsibilities, I can tell you that some customers are dbags. They blame the support person, often before that person even knows what the problem is.

The customer is always right is just something to placate the customer. The real way it works is to help the customer to make sure they are satisfied with the service/product they received. Saying the customer is always right means companies would go out of business...see last weeks screwing over of wal-mart and their price-matching policies. Was the customer right then?

Anyhow, most CS jobs do not tolerate abuse from their customers. CS reps should be able to say to the customer, in a polite way, that they won't put up with it, and if the customer can't do that, then they probably will get hung up on. Some people are just unreasonable though.

However, never should a CS rep every be rude to their customers, no matter how rude those customers may be. They should always be polite, maybe firm, but never rude.

HollowZbankai1329d ago

ah, this is why i dont use comcast. no customer service appreciation. your lucky they even want comcast lol

Concertoine1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )


He is. Lol. But that's okay, he's at least honest. Comcast really is the worst imo. Comcast Business is a flat out joke, they promise the world and deliver the same crap service.

I'm surprised Lizard Squad took down Xbox live though.

generic-user-name1328d ago

These clowns replying don't know how to put themselves in your shoes, especially that comment about "the customer is always right" pfffft. People like that either know nothing or they are the ignorant apes that blame you for their problems.

lawgone1328d ago

If it's a shitstorm how are you finding the time to log in and comment on N4G? Just wondering.

mhunterjr1328d ago

I feel your pain, but it doesn't help that you work for Comcast, essentially the dbaggiest of the crappy cable companies. Customers see you as guilty by association.

Why o why1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

I cant believe some people are acting like you've said you call them that to their faces. Saying your thoughts aloud isn't a crime if in done in the right forum. He would of lost his job already had he been the type with verbal diarrhea. Some people just have no manners. Those are the douche types but dont get me wrong though, there are some terrible cs people out there.

That old idiom about the customer always being right is one of the most redundant fallacies in the business world.

Hope you guys services are sorted soon if they aren't already.

Switchie1328d ago

Lol, I wish I could feel bad for you but.... Comcast.. so I can't. I gotta admit I was blaming Comcast at one point too, they are just so unreliable! X_X

Tho, this reminds me, I've been meaning to call and complain about my internet service sucking really bad for the past few weeks.

1328d ago
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hakeem09961329d ago ShowReplies(2)
Joey_Leone1329d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

@Ripsta7th, Lol don't get butthurt from the truth, i would like to have the chance to face all of those biased comments on VGchartz, state some facts and opinions, take a break from being furious with comments i disagree with lol. But VGchartz won't give me that chance lol, enjoy N4G little one.

Gotcha51328d ago

Just went about 37 round with KI Kan-Ra with no signs of hesitation.. 'So whatcha talkin bout Willis'.

mmcglasson1328d ago

So much for XBL being untouchable and you fanboys bashing PSN all the time when they get DDoS attacked. DDoS can target any company and is one of the easiest attacks to do. So please stop bashing Sony when this happens because it happens to everyone.


Not saying that xb1 is untouchable, but xbL is and was not down. The friends list was not working.

rocky6196191328d ago

There is no proof that a ddos attack happened. Just lizard squad claiming for something that happens every week to get attention. Just like when they supposedly leaked psn and xbox live account information, when 90% of it was from the attack on Adobe.

Switchie1328d ago

My xbl was down 100% for me, but its working now, thank god, that was so annoying, all I wanted to do was play halo 3 or watch netflix :(

I just wish these hackers would stop attacking PSN and XBL, I don't understand why people are doing this.

mmcglasson1328d ago

Either way it happens to the best of them.

Raiden1328d ago

Hey, what are you all talking about, if people are playing without any problem, then the network was not hacked was. On the note of hacking why do people want to make people unhappy, they are like some middle eastern terrorist, I say this because all these people do is make others unhappy, hacking a company dose no damage the company but it makes other people just like them unhappy. Game on play have fun, Merry Christmas to all gamers not matter the platform of choice.

DLConspiracy1328d ago

The last time the lizards attempted an attack on MS it didn't affect them very much at all. It was at the same time PS got DDoS'd.

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GribbleGrunger1328d ago

This is out of order. I don't care what console you support, this should not be happening and these people are the God Damn scourge of the internet.

peshkavusCA1328d ago

You got shitloads of disagree because you're one of the fortunate one to have a working Xbox live network. *sigh*

JeffGUNZ1328d ago

My friends list was unavailable and it took me about 10 minutes to purchase the latest episode of the walking dead on Vudu. Other then that, it worked ok. It's just annoying that these morons do this. All they are doing is pissing off the gamers.

bennissimo1328d ago

This hysteria is a load of crap.

I played COD for an hour last night and an hour this morning. No issues whatsoever.

Any outages are minor and regional.

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-Foxtrot1329d ago

I really hate these guys

Shows you though that nothing is hack proof

I mean what's the point in this....really

XboxOneX1329d ago

I was very upset last night watching the finals of the MLG call of duty tournament when Lizard took down the stream 3 times. They should stop it and find something better to do with the time.

LAWSON721329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )


I see this posted in every one of these articles, when will people learn?

timmyp531329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Never. It's just not common knowledge the difference between the two. Half the people on these gaming web sites are casuals who like dipping into the comment sections.

LAWSON721329d ago

Disagree all you want, it is a fact.

rainslacker1329d ago

Hacking and DDoS are types of ATTACKS against networks. Hacking is the wrong term for DDoS though. Hacking is a general term though, which includes many different types of attacks.

Basically hacking is any attack with attempts(or succeeds) at infiltrating a network by bypassing security. This can be achieved any number of ways...hence different attacks like SQL injection, spoofing, malware stuff, etc.

DDoS is a type of attack, but does not bypass security procedures since you can't 100% prevent them without blocking all traffic, so it's an exploit of internet protocols. However, it doesn't actually bypass or infiltrate anything.

Anyone that's taken a basic security class will be made very aware of the differences between them...or anyone who cared to go do a google search will see the difference. In certification classes hacking isn't even a term that's used that I've seen. It's all classified under "Attacks".

TI_211328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Hacking, for the general public AKA those who just don't know better, is an umbrella term for any type of attack against a network.

Don't let it get to you.

memots1328d ago

Hell people even call kitchen tricks "kitchen hacks"

Its sad really.

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once_a_jedi1329d ago

Seeing as 4 guys hacked Microsoft,stole the design for the XBox One,built a fake one & sold it on E-Bay, I would have to agree with the " nothing is hack proof " bit.

HammadTheBeast1329d ago

Those guys are idiots. If they'd kept a low-profile and kept the small-time hacks up, they could've easily been set for years, or sold corporate data to competitors and made enough money to be untouchable. Instead, pride took over and they got slammed.

turdburgler10801329d ago

Didn't the FBI arrest those guys?

d3nworth11328d ago

They claim that doing this so companies will invest more money into preventing stuff like what they're doing from happening.

1328d ago
Gamer19821328d ago

But the xbox owners would have the world believe XBL is impenetrable and only PSN can be hacked or DDOS'ed. Even on this thread they defend to the death... It did go down there was plenty of proof but they like "nope didn't happen cause I didn't see it" (posted while on their phones from school)

jaeEvuhL1328d ago

It didnt go down tho i was on while it was 'down' still found games only thing was down was the friendlist :)

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taco_tom2371329d ago

these guys really need a life -_-

ltachiUchiha1328d ago

glad its not just me was trying to update my fantasy football and couldnt connect to xbl. my gamertag is itachiuchiha650 and i only play destiny on my 360 because all my cousins play on there otherwise id play it on my ps4.

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MelvinTheGreat1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Was monitoring twitter the entire time. Two guys were yelling and hollering and acting all high and mighty cause they brought down xbl. On top of that they were telling people to follow them and DM them nudes, so they would stop the attack.....people like this make me sick