Digital Deluxe Program Nearly Over – Check Your Account For Free eShop Money

If you purchased a deluxe Wii U set (read: 32GB model) then you automatically enrolled in a program that rewards you with 10% back in eShop points for any eShop purchases you made.

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NotAfanBoyy1355d ago

It's too bad you have to connect the Wii U to the Internet to take advantage of this.

I don't like the idea of having updates forced on me so I guess I'll miss out on this :(

sloth33951355d ago

and yet your on a computer which has updates and all and connected to the internet to comment go troll somewhere else

Gemmol1355d ago

so you never updated a playstation or xbox system?? or like the other guy said, do you even update your pc???

Billybobjoey1355d ago

I had no idea this was a thing. Thanks to registering MK8 back when I got it and getting one of the free games, it thinks I purchased it. Ah well, who am I to complain about a free 5 bucks?

vitorizzo1355d ago

this needs to stay alive

NintySonySoft1355d ago

nice 30 bucks worth for eshop credit! :D lol

zero_gamer1355d ago

It would be nice if they'd continue this for awhile longer.

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