Scott Moffitt Talks Difference Competition and Nintendo “Appeal is Broad, Quality is the Reason”

Scott Moffitt of Nintendo tells the difference between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

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dcj05241273d ago

Quite the oppisite. The Wii U has many fantastic exclusives but the game Library is not broad in any sense compared to PC,PS4, or X1.

randomass1711273d ago

Nintendo games do often over a lot of genres though. :U

wonderfulmonkeyman1273d ago

You must not have done a lot of research into the genres that are actually present on the platform.

3-4-51273d ago

He said APPEAL is broad...

Meaning the games that are good appeal to a broad or wide audience and aren't as niche as some other games.

When your game is good...people will flock to play it.

Word of mouth is still strong advertising.

qwerty6761273d ago

i disagree

sales speak for themselves

wonderfulmonkeyman1273d ago

If sales were all that mattered, then nothing would exist besides CoD.
Sales only tell half the tale.

Gemmol1273d ago

Mario Kart Wii on a 100 million consoles sold over 30 million, so its not have wii fit also, wii sports super mario have the ds which have games that sold a lot only people fit in his category of sales speak for themselves is Nintendo and 3rd and microsoft would have to add 2 or 3 halo or uncharted game sales together to reach 20 million sales

FromTheAshes1273d ago

Wow at the above comments. So because Justin Bieber sells a ton of records, does that mean he makes quality music?

"Our core, most passionate Nintendo fans certainly are much older than that and are in their 20’s and 30’s and they grew up with our games." I am one of those fans.

Nintendo has a 30 year proven track record on delivering QUALITY exclusives hand over fist.

I don't agree with them making the Wii-U less powerful but all their exclusives score 90+ on metacritic. No broken games or patches or BS downgrades.

AJBACK2FRAG1273d ago

Shigeru Miyamoto said the Wii U is upgradable.

FromTheAshes1273d ago

There was also a rumor sometime back that the Wii-U got a CPU and GPU overclock...Don't know if it was ever confirmed by Nintendo.

Spotie1273d ago

He makes music lots of people enjoy. That's all he cares about, and all the people who like his music care about.

His albums don't have to be classics. Just enjoyable.

I don't even know any of his songs, but I'm tired of that being the excuse. Hell, popularity for popularity's sake- Justin Bieber, if you will- is why the Wii did as well as it did.

Or does that not count in that case?

FromTheAshes1273d ago

-----> My point

Popularity ≠ quality.

tattooart831273d ago

I completely agree!c'mon.Smash(fighting ) pikmin(strategic) mariokart (racing) bayonetta 2 (action) mario 3d world (platform) zelda(actuon rpg) and more. Not only that they are some of the best reviewed games of this gen for each genre. And yes i own a ps4 as well

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