WWI 2008: Starcraft II Zerg changes

Wondering what Blizzard has been up to with these buggers or about the faith of your favorite Zerg unit?

From the grounds of the Blizzard World Wide Invitational in Paris have compiled for you a list of Zerg changes that have been revealed during the event.

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Leord3819d ago

I really like the new Creep! The screenshots don't show the new "tendrils", but they could use improvement anyway, so perhaps that is for the best...

SCFreelancer3819d ago

Well it might be weird, but that was one of the first things I noticed while watching the Blizzard WWI live streams: the Zerg Creep changed quite a bit and looks more purple and more like the original. The heartbeat animations with all the moving vains and such made the whole thing complete!

I also like the little tweaks they did on it. If it wasn't already, Creep is becoming one of the true backbones of the Zerg race.