Should AAA Franchises like Assassin’s Creed Focus More on Short, Polished Entries like Captain Toad?

CraveOnline: "As eighth-generation consoles prepare to enter their second year of existence (third in the case of Wii U), much of the new-gen software we’ve seen in the past year appears to have taken on a bizarre, unprecedented habit of stagnation. Some gamers are calling it laziness, and maybe that’s partially it, but I think there are other factors at play. In fact, I think it’s arguable that the definition of “blockbuster game” has become too massive for developers to effectively brainstorm, create, market, and sell over the course of a 1-2 year period while still maintaining an acceptable level of quality. Here’s one way of looking at it: if Bungie can’t deliver on blockbuster hype, then who can?"

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Big_Game_Hunters1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

100X yes, with all the Money ubisoft spends on these AC games they could put into multiple unique projects. Give your devs a chance to shine like with child of light.

Also Metacritic says yes too.

mcstorm1393d ago

I agree I don't want to see YOY games in fact ive not bought any this year mine have all been exclusives so far. Looking forward to Captain Toad as well.

RyanShutup1393d ago

100000x yes. The polish is what's lacking in most of todays rehashed annual franchises. Nintendo is the king here, all of their games are labors of love and it shows.



They should focus on;

A. Not pumping a title out every single year
B. Long polished entries in the series.


Hamzaali1393d ago

yeah , i am agree with you

styferion1393d ago

they should focus on long, polished entries like rockstar games.

wotta1393d ago

Considering how many copies Captain Toad will likely sell I'd say AAA are doing fine.

shaw981393d ago


I could argue since Tetris is the best selling overall game of all time then every game should be a puzzle game since there is no point in trying to outdo the success of it. It is not about the profit, it is about the games and th quality of those games.

gerbwmu1393d ago

Yes more short polished games would be great. So would a move away from annual releases. Franchises should be released every 2 or 3 years at the most.

Obviously the profit is there or they wouldn't be handling it the way they are but quality and variety in gaming titles suffer because of it.

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