GTA Online Heists Coming Soon: Holiday DLC Leak Shows Snow Coming Too [VIDEO]

Heists. It's the word that GTA Online fans have been repeating over and over, muttering in their sleep. We've been waiting and waiting for over a year now, but it seems our waiting may finally pay off. Based on a leak from, it seems that Heists will be coming in the 1.04 Update, along with a bunch of holiday cheer.

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Xavior_Reigns1352d ago

Good or these heists will soon become Last Guardian like.

XboxOneX1352d ago

The video was Published on Nov 12, 2014 and says Heists coming SOON. Ok its been almost 3 weeks so I do not know what SOON is supposed to be but if the HEISTS are not out soon then I am going back to playing SAINTS ROW 1 on Xbox 360.

theflyindutchman1352d ago

What a load of bs indeed!
Old video and no new info just the usual blablablabla

Xavior_Reigns1352d ago

Yo SR1 was great in my opinion lol so no loss there. One of the first games I played on XBL.

1352d ago
bondsmx1352d ago

Looking forward to heist! I didn't play gta last gen, I waited and have played it for the first time since nov 18th. Having sooo much fun, so glad I waited! I got gta and far cry on the same day, and while far cry is great game itself, I haven't been able to put gta down yet. Lol the heist in sp are real highlights, can't wait to try them out online as well.

Little off topic, but since I didn't play last gen, and none of my normal play buddies got it for next gen. (Either played last gen, or still stuck on destiny) I don't have a crew to play online with. If anyone has a gta crew and have room for another guy, please, add me on psn. BLSC_Cru-Jones

desertpunk861352d ago

every time the word heist come to mind the word coming soon does too.

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