5 things we want in Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a wonderful, massive game as it now stands -- but it can always get better. Here are 5 things we want from Inquisition DLC.

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joab7771326d ago

I want endgame content. Something akin to Dragon's Dogma. More powerful dragons and monsters that are a real challenge and drop great loot, a level cap increase, and a ng+ with another difficulty, so I can play, gain levels, get gear from new monsters and move on to ng+. And so on and so on with different characters.

Right now I am a little worried even on hard that I am over powered and that I may be done with the game before I even craft some of the best stuff. I can start on nightmare, but from scratch.

tablecloth1326d ago

Yes the game isn't that difficult sadly, played the first time on hard and it felt like normal.

My new playthrough on nightmare I only had 1 real difficult boss so far ( the templar route instead of the mages ) which is unfair for melee ( phase 1 of the boss ).

Stapleface1326d ago

All I can suggest is follow the story without leveling past the recommended levels for the missions. That's the only way any RPG like this is a challenge. If you go out and do everything you can before doing the story of course your going to be too strong. Fight the Dragons when they are a couple levels above you for a challenge, not a couple levels below you. Though an extra game mode afterwards would be nice. For those that have already out leveled everything.

joab7771326d ago

Yeah, but I want to be able to craft the best gear and have a challenge.

Make a really, really hard dragon or area that only the best geared parties can played perfectly can beat.

I will say though that I died alot on a couple dragons above my level. But I refused to give in

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Reaper29r1326d ago

I agree with all this. And some decent looking race armors. My dwarf seems to be restricted to scalemail with a few pieces of plate. Best smiths yet all the cool looking stuff goes to humans. I miss that dwarven warrior armor from Origins. I also saw a couple on the ramparts of skyhold rocking some kick ass dwarf plate. I haven't made any other characters yet and I'm still working my way through but I'm level 14 rocking the same trench coat from way earlier. I'm just saying the crafting system is solid and has a lot of potential, just needs more variety non humans. Specially quanari. Dudes look like they're wearing MC Hammer pants with some planks on top. Anyway, still a great game. I haven't been able to put it down.