Advanced Warfare was the best selling game on Black Friday

According to collected by Chart-Track, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was the best selling title for all consoles during the Black Friday weekend.

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stanr1273d ago

I thought gamers were done with Call of Duty, good job now we got to put up with 10 more of these in years to come. What happen to having standards.

TheGamersGhost1273d ago

As someone that typically advocates against CoD, Advanced Warfare is actually a step in the right direction for the series.

Ares84HU1273d ago

While I enjoyed the campaign, the game as a whole is very forgettable.

mikeslemonade1272d ago

Everyone is wrong here.. COD has always been a solid game. Which shooter is better!?

It's neither a step in the right direction and it was never done. It's just solid every year.

I have the PS4 version and may even buy the X1 version.

-Foxtrot1273d ago

Doesn't this mean though people wouldn't pay full price for it...I mean it's took them untill Black Friday to buy it

stanr1273d ago

Good point, not going to pay full price for the same game I bought last year or the year before that.

Summons751273d ago

Don't worry the COD cycle will continue. 6 months after launch a few people start realizing they are playing the same crap as last year, dlc hits, 6 months after christmas everyone is hating it because it is the same crap, they announce COD2015, people say they won't buy but they do....rinse repeat.

I'll stick to my guns and it's become a new favorite game of mine when in a game section to be a better sales person than the idiot employee and show them what a real game is.

Trekster_Gamer1273d ago

Only a petty few like you might be done with COD. Given the millions of fans that enjoy the COD they must be doing something right, a few loud whiners are easily forgettable in the world of COD.

joab7771272d ago

Shoulda been Dragon Age.

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Travis37081273d ago

I bought Advanced Warfare 3 days ago. The game is freaking awesome!
And I didn't have PS+ but i tried to play online anyway and it worked!!!! I'm still playing online without PS+

captainexplosion1272d ago

I got absolutely destroyed here a month or two ago when I said that CoD AW would outsell GTA5 on PS4 and XB1. But it was just common sense. Anyway, I am actually enjoying the new CoD. There is a lag and a lot of the strategy has been taken out, but it is fun and it controls so well.

unprotected1272d ago

It just proves gaming industry is running out of ideas