Project Zomboid Team Sets Sights On Q1/2015 Release

Today the team talks about the road forward to their 1.0 launch, the addition of a new developer, and what to expect in the next few months. While devs explain that the frequency of build releases may slow, the content changes will be substantial as vehicles, radio and TVs, NPCs and game interface are on the near To-Do list.

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staticjoe1352d ago

Wow, pretty awesome of them to hire the guy who made the Erosion mod.

caution41352d ago

... And not just exploit modders like some other games do.

xseven1352d ago

I just thought this was super cool of them, a great way to show support to their community.

I introduced a dev friend of mine to the game last month and he's been glued to the community ever since.

staticjoe1352d ago

An amazingly complex zombie game... That's been in development for a long time.

xseven1352d ago

Project Zomboid has been in active production as far as March 2011, I think it gets to say "another zombie game" about a lot of other games. Haha

And it actually works.