Is Nintendo Making a Comeback?

GT - Even with some of the best-scoring games since its launch, Nintendo can’t seem to sell the Wii U. Is the console even in the next-generation race? Will they ever develop a strong third party line-up? We ask these questions and more on this week’s Bonus Round. (12:04)

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MSBAUSTX1392d ago

Well considering the wii sold over 100 million units, the 3DS is on track to do the same and nothing competes with it at all, and the Wii U is profitable now I would say there wasnt a comback needed. I mean add that success with the billion dollars Nintendo has in the bank and I would say be more concerned for Sony posting losses and XB1 not selling as much as PS4. I own both of those consoles so that should stop the hate.

Concertoine1392d ago

The transition from DS and Wii to 3DS and Wii U was pretty drastic. The Wii U being the worst selling mainstream console in 15 years...

Who says the Xbox One needed to sell as much as the PS4 to be considered a success?

MSBAUSTX1392d ago

Who said the Wii U had to be the best selling to be a success?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

And who said or who at Nintendo said they wanted to sell more than or as much as Wii and DS.

If I'm not mistaken. All they said they wanted the gamers and support they had back which was during SNES era.

Japanese companies. Which they have formed collaboration with recently and 3DS success.

Which doesn't include western third party or gamers who started in late 90s.

Gemmol1392d ago

he was talking profit wise, if you look at gamecube it sold 22 million systems and if you look at each financial report for each year, they never lost a profit......I call it smart business, if you going to sell less, do not sell to lose money, sell to make profit

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1392d ago

which Wii and DS sales did too because of sales until 2011 when Nintendo announced Wii U.

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Concertoine1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Not me, lol.
As long as i get some great games, i'll let people realize how good it was in retrospect. Like the GC, Xbox, DC, so on.

Locknuts1392d ago

"I own both of those consoles so that should stop the hate."

Hahaha no. You're not allowed to mention Sony's losses here.

InTheLab1392d ago

I swear you people don't know enough about business to know what is considered successful in business. This is the same exact s&$t we've been talking about with the GameCube and N64. Lowered sales forecasts and warehouses full of WiiU's does not mean the WiiU is profitable.

The thing is killing Nintendo and the only reason why Nintendo makes any money is the 3ds. Why do you think there's so many articles questioning whether Nintendo will survive In the console space? Bias? How about terrible numbers year after year. The WiiU is still costing Nintendo money because they've failed sell enough of them.

10 years from now you people will be in a thread talking about how the WiiU was more profitable than the PS4 and XB1.

iplay1up21392d ago

I disagree. The money is in the attach rate of first and second party software. Even though Wii U may not have as many consoles out there, the attachment rate of their software is fantastic.

This is also why Nintendo does not freak about 3rd party support, because they get 100% of the money made on each game, less the retailers cut. That is not the case in 3rd party game sales.

As long as Nintendo's games are selling they are making money. As was stated in their last financial report. Great profits.

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AKR1392d ago

They've almost completely wiped clean all the losses they had during the last few months. The 3DS is making them money, as is the Wii U. They're also making a killing off of software for each.

They aren't making a "comeback" - they don't have to. They're doing what every company should; making a profit. If that's what's happening, then they're fine.

FromTheAshes1392d ago

Exactly. Nintendo's corporate bosses in Japan are smart.

Even when the N64 and Gamecube sold less than the competition, they still came out the generation making profit.


InTheLab1392d ago

This is a myth and it's right there in your own article. They made money on the handhelds and had there first annual loss thanks to the GameCube.

It's the same thing with the WiiU. The only thing that spared Nintendo back then was the fact that they repurposed millions of unsold gamecubes into Wii parts which made the wii profitable immediately.

When when the madness stop? Nintendo lost a ton on each failed console but was save by the crazy numbers their handhelds put up.

Deadpool6161392d ago

For what it's worth, I've got a Wii U in the mail. Along with Bayonetta 2 among other games. Nintendo must be doing something right. I'm still very satisfied with my Ps3 to upgrade to Ps4 or XBone.

Godz Kastro1392d ago

Man, Nintendo and X1 and gamers heaven.

Th3o1392d ago

No Nintendo isn't making a comeback. Because they haven't fallen behind.

I never considered the wars, Xbox vs PS4 vs Nintendo.

The days of Nintendo vs Others I think is over and they basically disolved in society.

Much like the Simpsons is just there and will always be loved (though sometimes u might get bored and come back to it) it Nintendo just evolves with everyone.

I think it's on PS4 vs Xbox, and then Nintendo will always stay close to many gamers as a unique addition rather than a competitor.

I know that every genertion I choose either Microsoft or Ps4 (much like I chose between Sega and Nintendo), but with Nintendo I usually always get their consoles...maybe not at launch or even sometimes like now I bought a wii.u 2 years after release.

either way I personally hope neither company (Xbox, ps4 or Nintendo) ever fall behind or drop out because only we the gamers end up losing.

AJBACK2FRAG1392d ago

Nintendo is at war now. Nintendo is at war with broadcast television, smart phones, sports, comic books, smart devices etc. Anything that takes attention away from their hardware and software.

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