The Crew 30 minutes gameplay video

A gameplay video looking at some of the features of Ubisoft's open world racing game, The Crew which releases on December 2nd on Xbox One, PS4, PC and last gen Xbox 360. The video is from the retail version.

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qwerty6761352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

looks extremely boring

embargo is being lifted after release lol, we all know how that turns out.

breakpad1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Crapisoft chopped off Watch dogs driving sequences and made a new game The crew ...boring and unimagined

Svinya1351d ago

There are other reasons to have embargoes other than a game being bad, you know.. It prevents sites from rushing to publish their review before the community populates and before they spend enough time with it to experience everything.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1351d ago

lol, plus I thought this was called ''ghost town'' chase or something, there's practically nobody on the streets...

badz1491351d ago

just look at that navigation system? even with behind the car camera view, it's extremely hard to follow.

abstractel1351d ago

I enjoyed the beta, it's a pretty fun game with tonnes to do and huge world. My biggest problem with it is its graphics. It really affects me to the point that I am not that interested :/. I expect a lot more these days.

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cheameup1351d ago

I really hope thats the 360 version . looks terrible

badz1491351d ago

have you played the beta? I also doubted my eyes that I was playing it on PS4.

jagermaster6191351d ago

Not gonna lie it does look kinda crappy like wow forza horizon 2 completely destroys this game hands down(not to mention it destroys almost all racing games)so I was kinda shocked when I watched this. I know shocked shouldn't be the word I should use since botched dogs and buggy-unity it just sucks because ubisoft used to be one my favorite company's but far cry 4 is indeed awesome and a must buy in my eyes I will definitely not be picking up this shenanigans of a racing game. I said good day sir!!!

uth111351d ago

FWIW- The game is getting a 9/10 in Steam reviews. PC users who usually get the worst end of Ubisoft bugs are saying it actually works perfectly.

PraxxtorCruel1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

@UTH11 So what you're saying is the STEAM folk are a hard bunch to please and if they're reviewing it well must be good? This is also coming from people that have actually played the game. Kind of a shocker for me O_O considering the review embargo and the gameplay footage we have seen. Still miracles can happen.

uth111351d ago

Well considering that Watch Dogs has a 6/10 there, same for AC Unity, and even Far Cry 4 only gets a 7, there must be something they see in this game..

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