Are Heists Finally Coming to Grand Theft Auto Online?

Grand Theft Auto Online players have been waiting over a year for heists to launch, and that wait may be coming to an end.

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THC CELL1358d ago

People should really stop putting the same question up every day it's boring and annoying

Bansai1358d ago

Woah, in my ever-present ignorance I thought they already added Heists with the release of GTA Remastered - what the hell Rockstar ? This is ridiculous.

XboxOneX1357d ago

I bought the game when it come out on X360 and played it up until November and was already bored of it and then I got my Xbox One never went back to play it. Since buying the Xbox One version and playing it just a few weeks I am bored already due to lack of content. I do not know how people could have played it for a whole year on Xbox 360 and then buy it once again for next gen. The first person mode however is very cool and i am glad they added that to the game.

silvacrest1357d ago

the same statement could be put to those who play COD/battlefield all year, then buy the annual sequel, rinse repeat, online only too, no excellent single playerexperience to be found

GTA has way more to do in the online multiplayer alone

im not saying this because i think your a COD player btw, its just a comparison