Xbox One beat PS4 on Black Friday but not for November potentially

GGG writes about how the study InfoScout released today, that indicated that the Xbox One outsold the PS4 on Black Friday, may not mean that the Xbox One will come out victorious for the entire month of November.

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Thatguy-3101391d ago

Didn't Xbox beat the ps4 last year during black Friday in the US too? Sony still managed to sell tremendously well through the holiday and through out the year. This year will be no different. Sony is taking the world by storm with the numbers the ps4 is pulling overall. Congrats to Microsoft though. They been really competitive for the past few months and shouldn't really go unnoticed. I'm amazed how fast the install base for both consoles are growing.

Eddie201011390d ago

Did you read the article they were wrong last year by a huge margin, could be the same this year.

Everywhere I went in my area there were huge stacks of all the consoles. making sure that there are plenty of consoles available.

The only place where any console was sold out is Amazon, the two PS4 Holiday bundles were sold out from Amazon and are only available through the Market place sellers for a higher price but they are still in the top 100. They had some PS4 Grand Theft Auto 5 bundle available for pre-order this morning but sold out very quickly.

uth111390d ago

I saw that. Time will tell if they are wrong again.

SoapShoes1390d ago

Uh the PS3 hasn't even come close to the PS4 since it launched, there's no way PS3 was ahead of PS4. Lmao!

Arai1390d ago

Lol the "source" they used only tracked like 1500 people.

That's not a indication of anything, for those that care about who sold more and what's not just wait for NPD.

mikeslemonade1390d ago

Well last year it was pretty obvious PS4 won the month November. I remember clearly that stores everywhere the PS4 was out of stock while there was plenty of stock for the X1.

X1 wins November in the U.S. but they still lose worldwide. Worldwide is what matters.

What does it even mean if you win the U.S. only? Makes no sense.

Foehammer1390d ago

It means that in an apples to apples comparison, X1 wins with both companies largest customer, the US.

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Death1390d ago

I'd say it's safe to say both are selling really well in North America and the UK.

imt5581390d ago

Yep! This is InfoScout's last year chart for November :

But NPD said otherwise last year :
PS4 1100k+
Xbone 900k+

Can't forget MS's hilarious spin last year : fastest selling console in November

kowan1390d ago

No. according to Infoscout, it did. But official announcements from both company indicated that the Ps4 topped black friday sales last year.

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stuna11390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

The thing is the PS4 has sold at a steady pace year-round! The Xbox1 on the other hand has been extremely erratic and has fluctuated all over the place. Knowing what extreme measures Microsoft have taken to get this possible sales advantage over Sony, some would have to ask the questions?? How long could this be possibly sustainable!? How much of a cost to Microsoft has it been!? And after all is said and done, what next!?

Sony hasn't really put much effort into trying to deliver an impacting blow to Microsoft this Black Friday, because if Sony had went blow for blow, pound for pound with Microsoft, by lowering the PS4's price, giving away top performing software and giving $50 incentives plus free PlayStation network access, there's no doubt in my mind that the articles that we're reading right now, wouldn't be the articles that we would be reading! Instead they would be articles about how the Xbox1 was annihilated in sales.

hello121390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

We will see in a couple of weeks whos won. I'm betting on Microsoft won.

mrbojingles1390d ago

I would have to agree though I don't think the margin will be wide. 150k at most. Like maybe 1.1m XB1, 950k PS4 or something like that. Though if they break even or if the PS4 outsells the XB1 by even a small margin, prepare for an endless supply of articles about how a price cut, halo and black friday couldn't get the XB1 to beat PS4.

SoapShoes1390d ago

PS4 was #1 on Amazon, GameStop, and Walmart during Black Friday and according to Amazon the GTA bundle sold more in two days than the regular PS4 did the whole month. It will be close whoever wins.

Jaqen_Hghar1390d ago

Won the battle but sacrificed a lot of profits giving away so many games and the console for under retail. They've cut price inside the first year (multiple times in the UK) and that's never a good sign. They will win ONE month in their strongest territory but they've been losing worldwide during that same time and they haven't come close to eliminating the PS4 lead in NA even (again their strongest territory and the only one they have hope left in). Come January they either have to eat the cost and keep it at $350 and also deal with lying to customers about the "temporary" price cut (they really can't afford more negative PR as far as lying to customers after all they did at the start of this gen) or increase it again and get butchered until it's lowered again. Rock and a hard place long term but hey they will win that one month. A man guesses they called it Xbox ONE because their strategy is to win 1 month a year.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1390d ago

When you take into account the pace at which both consoles have been selling in North America for the entire year, the PS4 6 million, Xbox On 5 million, in order for the Xbox One to outsell the PS4 in North America, the XB1 would have to equal the sales pace of the PS4, (something it hasn't done the entire year) then sell more consoles consistently for at least 3 weeks of the month of November. By all indications, that hasn't happened either. Is there a chance that Xbox One outpaced the PS4 in November? Yes, but I also have a chance to win the lottery each time I buy a ticket.

AndrewLB1390d ago

SoapShoes- I have a feeling that Amazon's rankings have more to do with targeted marketing algorithms than actual sales figures. The two times I looked at Amazon on Black Friday, Xbone was in the top spot and PS4 was like #9.

Septic1390d ago

"Won the battle but sacrificed a lot of profits giving away so many games and the console for under retail"

So? Its not your money is it? Why are you lot so worried about MS' profits?

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mediate-this1390d ago

Because the xb1 was selling at 500, that is way to much for xb1, xb1 is a 340 dollar console ps4 is a 400 dollar console.

That's that 50 percent Power difference.if xb1 stays with reduced cost sells at a loss to gain market share, and just sell software that will be better than selling that system at 500.

Speak_da_Truth1390d ago

I got my xb1 so I wanna see it succeed but really the xb1 has to win November MS has done so much for them to lose because here's how I see it if MS loses November then they will never outsell the Ps4. If you disagree, I wouldn't mind you explaining why.

Naga1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

I disagree. There are different games coming in the future which will distinguish each console. There is no telling how big (or small) a hit Quantum Break, Halo 5, Gears of War, or any of the other highly anticipated Xbox One games will be.

It's safe to say, however, that there will be at least *some* months in the future where the Xbox One will outsell the PS4. Regardless of how this November turned out. The competition between the two is too stiff for any reasonable person to rule that out. Whether the Xbox One will turn the tide and eventually sell more overall... That's less likely. But then again, we're only a year into this generation, and just like Sony proved last generation, a lot of things can change in a few years. It's still anyone's game, so to speak.

Bathyj1390d ago

I think Xbone can win certain months, like when Halo 5 or Gears of War release, but I dont think it will ever outsell it steadily, and it probably cant string 3 months in a row together no matter what the game, unless momentum total shifts.

But I agree, MS are desperate to win November. The amount of stuff they threw at the wall just hoping SOMETHING would stick, and of course like you said, Halo, Xbones biggest drawcard by far. Losing November for them, even by one sale would make them look very weak and perception means a lot in this industry. It would cement the notion that Xbox will forever be in 2nd place.

Septic1390d ago

" It would cement the notion that Xbox will forever be in 2nd place."

But we already know this.

MS are doing the right thing here; doing everything they can to be ultra-competitive.

"I think Xbone can win certain months, like when Halo 5 or Gears of War release, but I dont think it will ever outsell it steadily,"

Yeah agreed. Expect to see spikes in sales and it beating Sony during these months. Well, at least its not that bad that they can actually do this (well assuming that they can).

SmielmaN1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Your ASSUMING ppl will want halo and gears over Sony exclusives that more than likely will be released in direct competition, with almost double world wide install base. There is educated forecasting using previous sales data, and there's assuming that a couple games means ppl will flock to buy another console. There's no gaurantees in sales estimates and companies chg forecasts all the time throughout the year based on what is happening currently. Multiple price cuts and bundling(ms purchasing at a discount) 3+games into the box is not sustainable business for MS if they aren't getting the mainstream adoption so they can force their service paywall into your living room. So far almost 70% of estimated next gen console purchases have not been a xbone. MS made this console and it's policies based on a continued almost 50% market share. So right now the plan has been a failure for MS to the point where they are cutting the price repeatedly, cutting out hardware (kinect) and purchasing multiple games to put into bundles. IF the plan to control the entertainment center of the household fails then you will see a new Xbox within 3 yrs IF their shareholders want to keep trying for it. If not, well your guess is as good as mine I suppose. But for everyone to keep talking about sales and business it would help to at least know a bit about business. Otherwise it's just rah rah cheering for one side or the other and really not worth commenting.

Lovable1390d ago

As it rightfully deserved. Xboxone deals was amazing and really night and day compared to the competition.

OUROSMAG1390d ago

I have a sneaking suspicion that it didn't though. We'll see for sure on Dec 11th.

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