I Was Wrong: An Apology Letter to the Nintendo 3DS

Austin Flynn writes: "Upon seeing some of the 3DS's initial releases such as Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Super Monkey Ball 3D and Rayman 3D (man, were you shoving that 3D down people's throats!), I almost gave up on the handheld. But I think that was my biggest problem: the colossal importance that you put on 3D. Remember AR cards? They were supposed to be a much bigger deal than what they are now, and every game had 3D in the title like you were on to some gaming revolution; didn't you learn from the Virtual Boy? Apparently you did – that's why I'm writing this – it just took you a little while to take the hint."

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thorstein1235d ago

At least he admits to being wrong, unlike so, so many journos.