Playstation Plus vs Games With Gold December

Last week both Microsoft and Sony announced what will be available on Games With Gold and Playstation Plus for December respectively. For the first time ever the PS4 will be receiving a triple-A title, Injustice: Gods Amongst Us Ultimate Edition, this has been a major request from subscribers so it is good to see the PS4 finally get a Triple-A game. Both December offerings have been well received by fans, this is unlike last month where both offerings were considered to be ‘less-than-stellar’. The competition has heated up so let’s find out which company has the better offering for the final month of 2014.

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fermcr1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Comparing the X1/PS4, PS+ offerings are much better then Games with Gold offerings for December... without any doubt.
Microsoft need to improve their Gold offerings.

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4theplayers1295d ago

PS Plus wins, the cry is free...

Brisco1294d ago

I don't care for this, if I want a game I just buy the freaking game. El cheapos!

Paprika1294d ago

Plus is mandatory. If you get a game off your radar you might never have purchased but loved after downloading.... then that's why we have it. Not cheap to hope for something behind an indie title.

gamer78041294d ago

i'd agree, but PSN just had a sale on injustice a couple of months ago so my friend and i just bought it. Great game, but because of that in our cases the xbox lineup is better.

medman1294d ago

What month exactly were the gold offerings strong?

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