Gamers With Gains – Mega Man, Gym Training Food, and Leveling Up

It’s been a little while since the last time we chatted. In that time I’ve been honing skills and gathering more knowledge to bring to you, my fellow gamers, in hopes of you growing stronger. With Thanksgiving just passing us by, it was the best time to give you all some food for thought about the food you ingest into your body. Not to divert you from the food you love to eat, but to entice you to the idea of eating better and approaching health better to help better your gains in the gym and better your skills in your favorite video games.

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yamelmegames1393d ago

*eats like pac-man every day* oops.

But seriously, good stuff man. Glad to see you're inspiring other gamers to have a more fit mind, body, and spirit.

Venomousfatman1393d ago

Thanks a ton. Hope you keep liking the videos. I'm always putting up more.

Venomousfatman1392d ago

LoL, of course. Gotta keep giving top quality stuff for everyone to enjoy.

Romudeth1393d ago

I've been looking forward to the return of Gamers with Gains. Awesome series!

Venomousfatman1392d ago

Keep spreading the word. More people need to watch and subscribe to the channel.

HisRoyalFlyness1393d ago

About time, been waiting for this

Venomousfatman1392d ago

Glad you like it. I have more coming soon.