Kickstarter Weekly: Americana Dawn, Crossing Souls, and Hollow Knight

Garrett from The Koalition writes:

The common consensus is that gameplay takes priority over everything else, including graphics; however, I often need something extra to pull me back into the game, and I usually find that quality in the setting. Silent Hill is a fun game, but I don’t think I’d continue to revisit it if the town wasn’t interesting. Likewise, I’m drawn to Kickstarter games that offer interesting settings, be they something different or just well thought-out; so, I’ve decided to focus this week’s Kickstarter Weekly on games with breath-taking settings.

Americana Dawn takes Suikoden and places it in colonial America. Crossing Souls somehow makes the 80s feel fresh again. Finally, Hollow Knight takes players underground for a whimsical setting with gorgeous 2D animation. Which game’s setting most appeals to you?

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SwiffEpics1388d ago

This guy does a great job highlighting these Kickstarter games. Good work Red.

yamelmegames1388d ago

Always pointing out some good stuff, man. If I had the cash to fund all the Kickstarters you mention, the wold would be a better place. Maybe.

jaydonbatb1388d ago

Awesome job man. Hollow Knight looks amazing to me.

rbailey1388d ago

Definitely some great picks here and i'm digging the artistic style in both Crossing Souls and Hallow Knight. I'll be sure to support these projects while I still can.