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Life is full of ‘either-or’ decisions; tea or coffee, shower or bath, perhaps even cats or dogs. It’s human nature: We have to take sides and that even resonates when it comes to video games. You’re either a PC gamer or console gamer, Battlefield fanatic or Call of Duty nut, a FIFA disciple or a PES loyalist. And it’s the latter which at times has suffered in the shadows of its closest rivals.

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xseven1391d ago

Might give this a try... FIFA has been really frustrating lately

KTF261391d ago

I think it's better than FIFA15 but it's subjective
at least it's much much better than previews PESs
no doubt about that

check the demo

3-4-51391d ago

got PES 2015 for XB1 last week.

It's awesome. The ball & player physics are realistic and every game plays differently, same for the teams.

Hidden Gem for sure.

yankolo1391d ago

Patience with fifa men once u get use to it u will see ...pes its not better...add me lets play some fifa...YANKOLOO its my gamertag