The Crew 60 vs 30 Frames Per Second - Are Console Gamers missing out?

Xbox One and PS4 are running Ubisoft's The Crew at a locked 30 frames per second, but how much does having an extra 30 frames per second impact the gameplay? The video highlights the differences of 60 versus 30 frames per second but are console gamers missing out?

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NerdStar71273d ago

Playing games at a locked 30FPS is fine, but obviously higher is better. I prefer to play racing games on PC, but still can play Driveclub on PS4 as while it's not 60FPS it still feels smooth and very playable to me.

Harold_Finch1272d ago

Driveclub is playable?



starchild1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I find that playing at 30fps is ok, it's simply that 60fps is quite a bit better.

In other words, I'm never going to turn up my nose at a game simply because it runs at 30fps, but at the same time I will always prefer 60fps when I can get it.

60fps makes a very noticeable difference to the clarity of visuals in motion, as well as the immediacy of the controller response. Games look and feel better at 60fps than they do at 30fps.

RG_Dubz1273d ago

60 FPS should be the priority for the developers not resolution.

It's sad when you play a PS2 game such as Downhill Domination and the mountain bikes look like they move faster then the vehicles in GTA V, all because of the 60 FPS vs 30 FPS.

Console gamers are losing out on the extra 30 FPS no doubt, it's perfectly playable at 30 FPS but developers should strive to hit 60 FPS again, the 6th-Gen had a ton of 60 FPS games, as they should be.

freshslicepizza1272d ago

it will never again become common. console gamers have simply adapted to 30 frames and continue to salivate over graphics instead. so the developers will continue to push graphic effects more than frame rates. pc offers both but many console gamers see the pc as taboo.

Reddzfoxx1272d ago

You just said games are perfectly playable at 30 fps but think 60 fps should be a priority?

Consoles can't bring graphics and fps at the same time as they aren't cutting edge hardware. But I agree 30 fps is very playable. The only true difference people have and will only notice between higher frame rates are its smoother because if you drop 2-3 frames in 1 second on 60 fps setting your eye might not even catch it during an animation being extended over 60 fps since the animations are spread over many more frames and they are displayed so fast your less likely to catch it.

30 fps the animations are broken up a little bit more so when you get a 2-3 frame drop you have a higher chance at noticing it.

Developers seek parity in game features from platform to platform and not fps since each have different hardware. Its very selfish to ask developers hey lets tone back graphics or gameplay to bring 60 fps games. Let the developer decide as its their content and 30 fps is very playable just has a few hiccups or stutters once in a blue moon.

RG_Dubz1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

It's playable at 30 FPS, it's obviously a lot better at 60 FPS.. Every game is.

If the PS2 was capable to bring us graphics and FPS I'm sure a console this insanely powerful console by comparison can, almost no developers are utilizing the PS4's GPGPU capabilities yet, leaving lots of untapped resources.. With some developers already achieving 1080p 60FPS.

I notice frame drops at 60 FPS, frames drops at 30 FPS is completely unacceptable.

Nobody's asking anyone to tone down the graphics, were asking them to utilize the potential of the hardware given.

Reddzfoxx1271d ago

They are utilizing the hardware. Maybe you are just mistaken on how much power the ps4 consoles have.

Fact: Consoles are almost 2 times more effective than equal pc hardware.

Fact:Console GPU's are still limited by how fast they can run Example ps4 GPU clock is locked at 800 MHz.

They are getting the almost the performance of crossfired PC equivalent cards but are limited by the fact its still 1 GPU locked at a certain speed. 60 fps standard will never stick to that hardware as more demanding games can't do both graphics and fps.

If a developer on a console game is getting 60 fps and 1080p graphics then its going to lack on something like gameplay unless its a racing game which is just "racing" and will have a background for 60% of the screen and the other 40% of what you see will ever truly change.

RG_Dubz1270d ago

Fact: Currently only the Uncharted and the Children of Tomorrow development teams are taking advantage and utilizing the PS4's potential.

Fact: Murdered Soul Suspect was not taking advantage of the hardware and was still 1080p/60fps on PS4, 1080p/30fps on XB1.. Yet there's no graphical hit taken, only a 30 FPS difference.

If anything you underestimate the PS4's hardware abilities, maybe you actually believe developers when they lie to you and say "It looks better at 30fps" or "we couldn't achieve 1080p on the PS4, yet the XB1 is running the same native resolution" but then you wanna tell me they're utilizing the PS4's hardware.. Was EA when EA Sports UFC came out? 900p/30fps on both when the PS4 could easily handle 1080p/60fps on such a simplistic arcade fighting game.

Developers hold back games for parity purposes as seen with EA and Ubisoft This-Gen, but keep lying to yourself telling yourself that they're fully utilizing the PS4's hardware when they clearly are not.

Saying that the gameplay might lack because of a steady 60fps is just asinine.

Reddzfoxx1270d ago

Murdered soul suspect is a terrible game to use for comparison as it was awful gameplay wise and wasn't exactly a graphic wonderland.

Uncharted and Children of tomorrow are unreleased on the PS4 so there is no fact considering they do not exist on the market.

You can remain optimistic while I remain a realist on the 60 fps on consoles topic.

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Fishy Fingers1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Based on the impressions of the beta from friends it won't make or break the experience. Frame rate alone won't stop the game from being mediocre.

LightofDarkness1272d ago

I think the only way you'd be missing out with this game is if you bought and spent time playing this instead of something good like Far Cry 4 or Dragon Age: Inquisition, and also because you now have €60 less to spend on booze/socializing.

CocoWolfie1272d ago

twice the frames, i think so. if anything racing and shooters should be 60 :p

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