Purely Opinion: The Wii U Is Two

Pure Nintendo: "The Wii U is now two years old and its arrival in 2012 ushered in more unique experiences to gaming akin to the Wii or DS. As many Nintendo fans and industry personalities already know, the Wii U didn’t begin life too well with a library of games that many thought was weak and a name, and even concept, that wasn’t very clear. Many even felt that the Wii U was surely going to flop and that Nintendo should just give up. Fast forward to today and sales of the console are still steady, thanks to some big releases, and there is still much more to come."

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nicksetzer11357d ago

If the wii u didn't force use of the terrible wii remote in most games it would be my most played console by far. But seriously who wants to use the wii mote? They should have made a more standard controller that could also be used on ALL games.

JMoneyPN1357d ago

You mean like the GAMEPAD? The GamePad can be used with every game that I have played on the Wii U yet so I'm not sure what console you are playing.

nicksetzer11357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

1 gamepad per console .... I am talking about being able to use something like the wii u pro controller across all games.

Most of the games I would play would be to play locally with my wife and friends.

jayzablade1356d ago

I own 12 games and I've never used a wiimote once! My classic controllers plug in (which I have 2) and that's just fine for us!! 😊

JacketsNest1011356d ago

You mean like the WII U PRO CONTROLLER? Seriously, it's people like you that really annoy me. Why do you people have to keep trolling so hard? Are you really that antagonistic, or do you just not do your research? A few minutes of research will answer all of your questions.

jaymacx1356d ago

The only games that I've played on Wii U that "force" you to use the Wiimote is Nintendoland, Wii party U, wii fit u & wii sports club... Basically the games updated from Wii.. Every other game uses Gamepad and pro controller or all 3 (5) (smash bros). One of the Wii U's strengths is the amount of available control options.

jaymacx1356d ago

My only major gripe with the main control options is the lack of analog triggers and the weaker rumble. Imo XboxOne has one of the best controllers with rumble in the triggers but the dpad is so so. Ps4's ds4 is decent as well. Funny thing Sega had the best dpad of all time with the Japanese Saturn controller. I have the xbox360 streetfighter pad it cant be beat.

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