Disciples III : Renaissance delayed to 2009 and screenshots

French website JeuxVideo writes:

"Initially scheduled for late 2008, Disciples III: Renaissance has been delayed by .Dat and Akella, respectively developer and publisher of the project. The two partners have not seen fit to specify the reasons for this report. Alongside the publication of a new release date (1st quarter 2009), they simply issued a pretty good series of screenshots."

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thehitman3824d ago

I almost shyt my pants I thought it was resistance...

Skaterboy Tell Em3824d ago

lol i thought the same thing,when you glance at it i thought it said resistance delayed to 2009.

deeznuts3824d ago

Me too! Came in here to say exactly that.

Surfing N4G at work will do that to you.

MK_Red3823d ago

Wow, I thougth this one came out long ago.

Commodore3823d ago

At first I swear it said Diablo III hahaha, I was thinking "WTF is this!?" Thought it was some weird version of Diablo