Microsoft aggressive Holiday push and Sony PlayStation Experience

Extraquarter - "However, for Gamers, it’s a battle ground. It’s the time when some of the biggest AAA titles land and some of the best sales for games, accessories and even consoles. This year has been no exception as we've seen from Microsoft really pushing what they can do for this Holiday quarter."

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DigitalRaptor1268d ago

"I’d imagine most PS4 buyers this Holiday will be picking up a system mostly for the titles yet to come out in 2015"

This is very true. I don't know why people have a problem with understanding why people are still choosing PS4 now this holiday over Xbone. The holidays are limited to a couple of months. Anyone with any knowledge of how Sony does their consoles, knows that in the long-term PS4 is a sound purchase. Buying one this holiday is a good way to ensure you have one in time for the games that 2015 will bring from start to finish.

And from what I've heard about PSX, there's gonna be a whole lot of buyers in December too. Having an event in December was a very smart way to keep the momentum as strong as ever going into the new year.

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Letthewookiewin1267d ago

Playstation Experiance is going to be insane. Really can't wait.

cfc781267d ago

I never heard Microsoft was giving everyone the year off in 2015 so I guess if people buy and XB1 it'll be for the future not just the holidays and the next 12 months.

Chevalier1267d ago

I agree the future PS4 titles are definitely a reason to purchase a PS4. But more confusing to me is the idea there is 'no games' on PS4 when there were more games released, just spread out. There are also more games already announced for PS4 as well. According to the Xbone fans PS4 has to many indie games even though Ori and the Blind Forest keeps getting mentioned?! More games and options = Bad. But Ori and Blind Forest indie = Good?! Also for spring there's what coming to Xbone? Screamride!

MasterCornholio1267d ago

The complaints about indies will bite them in the butt in the end. Once games like Ryme, No Mans Sky and Wild come out they will be complaining about Sony taking those games from Xbox by making them an exclusive.

I wouldn't worry about them because their constant cries of "PS4 has no games" won't affect the sales of the system and they know it.

By them I mean the irrational crazy Xbox fans not the ones who are rational and make contributions like Christolocus.

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Killzoner991267d ago

The Playstation Experience is going to dominate. It's almost not fair.

NotAfanBoyy1267d ago

It amazes me that so many will buy something based on what "might be" vs what is.

Especially after all the recent embargoes and botched game releases.