Mario Kart 8's Online Multiplayer Is Coming Back To Life

Kotaku - Last week was Thanksgiving, a holiday often celebrated with family. For many gamers, this means a lot of time spent playing Nintendo games. I, for one, spent most nights playing Mario Kart 8 with my brother. Doing so led to a surprising discovery about its online multiplayer: it's gotten a lot better as of late.

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TheSuperior 1354d ago

I'm glad because I really enjoyed the DLC I just wish it were bigger. lol :)

thorstein1354d ago

When Xmas rolls around, it will be bursting.

RosweeSon1354d ago

Yeah I'm just taking a break trying to get through some lower quality games (still pretty good ones tho, but sellable) things like smash bros and mario kart are going no where and thing is there's not gonna be any new ones now for minimum 3 years or so, so gonna take my time and not overkill on two of my favourite series of all time. No yearly churns with those bad boys ;)
Christmas period is the perfect time tho to have a laugh with mario kart, think its gonna be a nintendo Christmas in my house until the new year at least, good job I got a week or 3 yet.

MSBAUSTX1354d ago

Black Friday deals helped this. Christmas will help more, especially when the rest of the DLC comes out. Smash U is just so amazing and the new DLC for Hyrule Warriors is awesome. Hell I even like Amiibo. Good time for Nintendo. Just need to follow it up with Zelda U this year then Star Fox, then Metroid and in between all of that a full blown 3D world Mario Game, IE Sunshine 2 or Galaxy 3.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1354d ago

uh it been alive the whole time.

iliimaster1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

idk its pretty tough getting those stars in those cups man it seems like one tiny mess up and ur first place then boom 4th-5h place , i even noticed when i was falling behind usually you get the good stuff to catch up and this one wasn't like that which made it even harder and more frustrating to me. double dash or even the wii game with the mash up of levels was different online... more fun to me.