Alanah Pearce To Appear In Court After Outing Harassers To Their Mothers


Video Games Made Me Do It: "Alanah Pearce, an Australian video game reviewer, recently received a number of threats on Facebook and Twitter criticizing her for being a helpless woman in the video game world. After realizing that many of her assailants were underage she decided to inform their mothers. She rather easily found them through their social media accounts, informing the matriarchs that their offspring were sending rape threats. She then posted the conversation on her Twitter account and sent it to the Guardian. However, the boys are now taking the offensive."

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mrbojingles1353d ago

I think what she did is brilliant. Why not doxx back the people who harass her or anyone online? They are always more bark than bite. Rational people can have rational discussions but people who threaten people through the web due to differences of opinion need to be embarassed

Pandamobile1353d ago

Yeah, it's hard to feel bad about these kids' situations. If you're making rape threats to people online and your schoolmates find out about it, have fun being the school pariah.

HammadTheBeast1353d ago

“Our so called ‘threats’ were just small pranks, and not much different than things you see on the internet every day. If I was receiving these death or rape threats online I would have just brushed them off because I’m clearly more mature than her. But she crossed the line, though, by telling my mom about it. Something you learn at a very young age is to never be a tattle tale. She obviously missed that important lesson,”

Some fine gentlemen we have here.


Also, this is just hilarious, taking someone to court for defamation after sending them death threats is just pure stupidity.

heychrisfox1353d ago

But your honour, I didn't ACTUALLY want to rape her or her dead corpse. It was just a joke. Why aren't you laughing? What do you mean I have to pay several thousand dollars for harassment charges?

nicksetzer11353d ago

In what way is outing people who have made threats illegal. If this ends in any other way than the case being dropped in the preliminary, this is just insane.

zeal0us1353d ago

Its kinda funny. I almost thought this was real until I remember this is the same that posted this

LeCreuset1353d ago


LMAO. Good catch. I was searching all over the page for the "satire" disclaimer, after reading this story.

Dee_911353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

This has to be satire... Yea this is totally fake

Pandamobile1353d ago

The article is satire, but this woman did actually contact the parents of her online harassers.

Concertoine1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

This just reminds me of how BS the school system functions though. I'm sill in high school so this is fresh on my mind. Basically, you have to take it like a b**** and whine to the school to be totally free of any punishment yourself. If you say anything back, hell if someone punches you and you punch back, you are both held equally punishable.

I mean 30 or so years ago, especially in the south, they'd hand you a couple of boxing gloves and you'd settle things that way. I know it's juvenile, but hell, people respected each other that way.

Also, i think we should have a "satire" choice when posting now. Like you have news, opinion piece, and satire. Because this doesn't qualify as either opinion piece or news, and half the time satire pops up on this site it ends up with "SATIRE" in all caps being forced to prelude the title.

FriedGoat1352d ago

God, why is this front page news?

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Godmars2901353d ago

So you would rather take a rational action, finding out who your harassers are and having them face the consequences of their actions legally, over the irrational one of publicly out them to the even more irrational court of public opinion where even the families of the harasser would face harassment?

yewles11353d ago

"where even the families of the harasser would face harassment?"

Isn't it sad that NO ONE ELSE thought about this?

MRMagoo1231353d ago

you get more disagrees tho lol gotta love some of the people on this site huh

Fireseed1353d ago

Raise your kids to not make embarrassments of the family? Idk just a thought.

eyeDEVOUR1352d ago

like fireseed said.. and you are responsible for youre children until they become adults(within reason of course)

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cyclindk1353d ago

Hell, let them get more public with it, just more embarrassment for them.. Ha.

Svinya1353d ago

Did people actually read the article?? It's satire..

HammadTheBeast1353d ago

Huh. Doesn't seem like it. I dunno, its weird.

TFJWM1353d ago

Umm ya it is but some people aren't getting that...


You don't even have to read it, it's Video Games Made Me Do It (VGMMDI), it's a satire/humour only gaming site. Nothing there is real.

CorndogBurglar1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Screw these kids. They like to be internet toughguys when no one knows who they are, then cry like little children when they get found out.

The thing they are forgetting is that there's no way that Alanah Pearce could have knows who these kids really were. How does she know they are just pranks? She doesn't.

I kinda like her for what she did. I think its awesome and a bit hysterical too.

Also, I think its really funny that the one kid claims to be more mature than her, yet he is upset because someone told him mommy. lol. So funny.

One last thing, what court in the world would hear what they did, and take their side? No one. I don't care if its just a prank. They threatened rape and other things. It stops being a prank when you start with that crap. Its not like they toilet papered her house. They threatened her well being. No judge will stand for that. She has nothing to worry about at all.

turdburgler10801353d ago

Strange. I didn't know people burgled corndogs. Always thought it was turds.

Mithan1353d ago

I agree, those little kids deserved getting in trouble.

Show some respect.

1352d ago
2cents1352d ago

Oh my days!!!


"“Our so called ‘threats’ were just small pranks, and not much different than things you see on the internet every day. If I was receiving these death or rape threats online I would have just brushed them off because I’m clearly more mature than her."

Quote of the century for complete and utter shameless stupidity.

These kids have no idea what real world consequences are. When I grew up, if we spoke out of tone we would get a beating. These kids think they can get way with anything, I wish I could meet this kid and show him some real justice.

I hope the judge makes an example of this waste of space.
I totally back what Allana Peare did.

Nicaragua1352d ago

The article is a joke - that quote is completely made up.

Seriously, when did everyone on this site become complete idiots who cannot comprehend satire?

2cents1352d ago

you could have left it with your first line.

my anger is with the threats that these kids are making and the lack of authority, power and action of the adults around them.

Thanks for the insult.

r1sh121352d ago

Do they actually think they will get away with it?
She might appear in court, but nothing will happen apart from getting the case thrown out.

Not only that..But Australia has legislation for internet trolls..
They can be prosecuted.
Surely this is a big back fire waiting to happen?

Kidmyst1352d ago

VGMMDI Site is like the Onion for Gaming news, Satire.

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Activemessiah1353d ago

I say let them take her to court, that way they'll trully expose themselves to the world what scumbags they are for all to see.

Galletto31353d ago

Judge: okay so why are we here today
Boys: this woman invaded our privacy!
Judge: how did she do that?
Boys: she contacted our mothers!
Judge: uh, why did she do that?
Boys: because we were harassing her and sending rape threats!
Judge: ......
Boys: we just feel so violated right now
Judge: ....sigh....

Fireseed1353d ago

Seriously how could this play out any other way?

pompombrum1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

The ironic thing here is it's no surprise that these kids act this way if their parents condone attempting to use the courts for something like this. Fortunately it's almost certainly going to blow up in the kid's face especially in todays age of radical feminists.

its_JEFF1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

haha... I would pay to see that.

heychrisfox1353d ago

Another point that should be mentioned... these kids are upset and don't want their private information exposed... so they're taking it to a PUBLIC court, where all their information will not only be formally released, but will be engraved permanently into the annals of history.

For people who are upset about invasion of privacy, standing in front of a spotlight seems a curious way of stopping scrutiny.

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Death1353d ago

That's kind of what I got out of it too.

aPerson1353d ago

Why are people disagreeing with you? Sheesh, this site is full of idiots.

Kivespussi1352d ago

From what I've understand this is actually true but the court part is this site's satirical extra. The girl in the article is an actual game reviewer and actually contacted the mothers. The kids taking it to the court is satire

DLConspiracy1353d ago

They are basically admitting to commiting a crime.

Fireseed1353d ago

Hahaha This is by far the greatest article I have ever read on here!

“Our so called ‘threats’ were just small pranks, and not much different than things you see on the internet every day. If I was receiving these death or rape threats online I would have just brushed them off because I’m clearly more mature than her.

This had me in tears!

"During school these boys are now looked at in a different light as their classmates are making it hard to socially mingle with them. Some of the young women especially seem to keep their distance because they believed the boy’s harmless prank should actually be taken seriously."


Seriously though, are these boys actually shocked that the things they represent them in a poor light?

Summons751353d ago

A harmless prank, hilarious. While it shows how immature they are to even think that to begin with (completely contradicting how they say they are "more mature" than her", in todays day and age no threat should be taken lightly. There are much worse things should could have done with a threat like that and they should be lucky she only embarrassed them in front of their whole family. This statement also shows how desensitized kids are these days if they think that rape and death are something to laugh at. I can't wait to hear the results of the court as the kids get fines, restraining orders, or whatever else they could get. I hope the judge is hard too just to show them that all their actions have consequences.

DragonbornZ1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Also too:
"But she crossed the line, though, by telling my mom about it. Something you learn at a very young age is to never be a tattle tale. She obviously missed that important lesson."

Lmao I can't even.

spicelicka1353d ago

^^^guys......the article is satire..................which makes it even better.

-Foxtrot1353d ago

Waiting to see someone link this back to GamerGate and pin it on that movement

Godmars2901353d ago

Hasn't Jezebel/Kotaku already done that?

-Foxtrot1353d ago

Knowing them...probably

pompombrum1353d ago

Yeah they did lol, no need to wait, journos with an agenda are usually one step ahead of us regular folk with these sort of things.

scark921353d ago

Damn 12 Year Old Misogynists!

-Foxtrot1353d ago

"Misogynists?....Is that a Pokemon?" - Most 12 year olds

spartanlemur1353d ago

I hope they do.

It serves as a litmus test for idiots, being satirical.

JD_Shadow1353d ago

They've already tried, and she already called them on it. She was actually misquoted in The Guardian (she was asked about it, and she said while it could be somewhat related, that she didn't think that it was appropriate to do without proper proof). Then Gawker came and just did what they usually do with a story like this.

But you can't be shocked that someone that clearly has an anti-ethics agenda to try to vilify in any way those that call them out on that agenda.

garrettbobbyferguson1353d ago

Regarding the threats to her, it was already done. The woman then got pissed off at whatever news publication saying that she never blamed it on gamergate. The news publication then updated its article to say something along the lines of "She has changed her mind regarding her blaming X" which pissed her off more because she never blamed X in the first place.

Dannycr1352d ago

What I appreciate of what she did, is that she did it without screaming to everybody how much of a victim she was.

She did it all by herself, without going to every site to promote what she did. She gets it. She knows that this problem is genderless, that we all (male and female) suffer from it and she tried to fix it in the most honest way possible

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SMcNu7151353d ago

Kids these days. Spoiled entitled brats. God forbid they face consequence for their actions.

Summons751353d ago

Court wise they are probably looking at fines and or a restriction order. At home they are probably looking at a "You probably didn't do that but don't do it again. Here is a new ipad, Playstation, Laptop, iphone, $300 shoes, and my dignity as you curse and scream at me with no respect because you are mommies baby and can't do anything less than perfect."

Ugh parents today. If my mother caught me doing this I would see the light of day for a month. No friends, no games, no tv, no playing outside, just school, homework, bed.

SMcNu7151353d ago

What I'm saying. If the parents actually intend to sure her, they have no spine.