Report: Sony sells over 100,000 PS4 bundles on Black Friday

Sony sold over 100,000 GTA 5 + The Last Of Us PS4 bundles on Black Friday.

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Foehammer1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Seems quite low for a Black Friday compared to other years?

I guess it's just one type of bundle?

Didn't we see sales of close to 1m in past years on consoles?

Edit, found it, it was 900k

Edit 2

I knew it was low, VG is reporting console sales over 1m for PS4 and X1

AngelicIceDiamond1391d ago

Nobody knows.

There was one report saying the Wii U selling out at Black Friday and another report saying the Wii U sold under 360.

People are so eager for numbers folks just need to wait.

Btw @hammer you have the wrong console.

xHeavYx1391d ago

"Sony sold over 100,000 GTA 5 + The Last Of Us PS4 bundles on Black Friday"

BiggerBoss1391d ago

"According to retail sources Ps4daily spoke to"

Im sorry, but i just cant consider this in any way legitimate. I think we'll just have to wait for an official announcement or NPD

Rearden1391d ago

The 100K number is for Sony's specific PS4 bundle. It doesn't include regular PS4 consoles or bundles that retailers made themselves.

LAWSON721391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Most retailers primary deal was the black Friday PS4 bundle, it was in pretty much every big ad. It would be by far the best selling bundle.

ABizzel11391d ago


No it's not low, and as your link points out those were 360 sales for the "week" and on top of that it was 2011 sales aka the 360's best year of sales that generation. And not only that it was also the first full year of sales for the 360 slim was out and had a $200 entry price.

This is a single day of sales for the PS4, for a single SKU, at a $400 price point.

Apple to Oranges comparison.

Still not Apples to apples, but here is a better comparison. The 360 sold around 190k units for it's first Black Friday the week (aka Year 1, just like the PS4) across the US, here the PS4 has a single SKU sale over half of that with a single SKU in a single day. This is amazing for a Year 1 console at full price still.

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SoapShoes1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Ehh I don't believe this... 100K seems low when consoles have traditionally sold more on BF than the rest of the month combined. It also cites the terrible info from the app that was wrong last year.

CocoWolfie1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

a single bundle? XD im surprised they had that many in stock. and low? well wait till we see other bundle figures :')

SoapShoes1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Well on Amazon the single bundle, in two days, outsold the regular PS4 for the entire month and there was only one other official bundle in North America. I'd say it would be accurate to say the GTA bundle outsold the regular PS4 everywhere too or almost everywhere given historical data for consoles. If the bundle selling more was accurate everywhere at the 100k reported that would mean the regular PS4 sold less than 100k and it has never dipped that low in a month. So it certainly had a lot of stock and sold out.

It just doesn't add up and this site doesn't even cite its sources then mentions info from that app which we all know is hardly reliable.

MSBAUSTX1391d ago

Other Bundles probably sold well too. I personally bought the PS4, Little Big Planet 3, Lego Batman 3 Bundle off of Amazon. I also got an extra controller and COD Ghosts and I spent less than $500 for all of it. I am freaking happy. I am sure all of the Big 3 consoles sold well and everyone is making money.

Gamble201390d ago

Don't forget the Destiny bundle on many websites includes Amazon dropped to 399 for a while throughout the weekend. That also claimed thousands of sales.

CocoWolfie1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

100,000 GTA + The Last of Us bundles. NA only? 1 day? at how ever much $? thats good yeah XD i wonder how many standard bundles, and how many in the UK too ;3

Agheil1391d ago

UNDERSTAND That this is for one specific bundle!

G20WLY1391d ago

Agreed. Maybe people would understand that if the title wasn't so vague/misleading. Nice hits though...:|

Xavior_Reigns1391d ago

Decent but should've been more, if this holds up to be true. Anyways I can see the hungry trolls approaching. Keep ignoring that 10 month, possibly 11 month domination though along with the factors MS did to finally give Sony a fight.
Look I'm glad the XBO is gaining some ground, hope they keep it up so we can all get great games all over. However again those trolls are going spoil what should be a great moment by making themselves look like idiots (for reasons stated above.)

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