Factory Defect Samus Amiibo Sells For $2500 On eBay

Remember that dual-cannon factory defect Samus amiibo? Its proud owner just sold it on eBay for $2500. That's not bad considering it only cost him $13.

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Relientk771323d ago

That's awesome, he's got 2 arm cannons

MetroidFREAK211322d ago

Really.... Wow if gamers in 2014 don't know Samus is a female... I'm about to give up gaming. It was 1987 that us Americans found out she was a female... You inept, clueless people make me weep for the future of gaming

nesiguess1322d ago

Dude said he'd be happy with a will the bidder pay up?

--Onilink--1322d ago

probably, that thing will be worth a hell of a lot more in a few years

WeAreLegion1322d ago

I would have kept it for a few years.

juaburg911322d ago

Agree. Played his hand toooo quickly. Theres a few of those golden ninty cartridges out there, and see how much they cost! Thing is, there is potentially only one of these?

I also would have waited a few years. Maybe till a new metroid game,or metroid reunion to beef up the hype and potential worth of it.