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"I loved every single one of the Captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World, but when I heard that Nintendo was going to spin off this series of minigames into a full retail release, I was a bit skeptical. Could a single-screen platforming minigame (where the main character doesn’t even jump) expand into a full retail package? Astonishingly, yes. To my pleasant surprise, Nintendo got an amazing amount of mileage out of this simple concept, and none of Captain Toad’s 70+ levels feel repetitive or boring.

Those who played Super Mario 3D World will be familiar with Captain Toad’s basic concept, as it hasn’t changed much. Princess Peach’s mushroom-topped attendant is dropped into a series of floating 3D platforms, usually no bigger than a single screen, and is then set loose to explore, dodge traps, and eventually make his way to a golden star."

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LightDiego1391d ago

Another great game for Wii U, i loved the stages from Super Mario 3D World too, it's a great idea to give Toad your own game.