Should Critics Re-Review Assassin's Creed Unity?

Now that Ubisoft has issued multiple patches that fixed many of the glaring issues in Assassin’s Creed Unity, should critics offer a second analysis?

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SpiralTear1358d ago

No, they shouldn't, and for multiple reasons.

Firstly, Ubisoft lifted the review embargo till after the game was out. That means that this wasn't a case of outlets reviewing the game under unrealistically accommodating conditions like what happens with a lot of online-focused games like SimCity or Titanfall. They reviewed the exact product that consumers got. Hell, livestreams of retail copies of the game bought by regular folks were airing BEFORE the reviews were even out.

Secondly and most importantly, Ubisoft delivered this game in this state and the reviewers reviewed it as such. Ubisoft should not get a second chance here. They willingly released a buggy and broken game to meet a rushed holiday date. Ubisoft management didn't release it against their will. I'm sure there were people on the dev team who knew this game was unfinished and were unhappy with it, but the publisher suits wanted this game done to meet the holiday rush, so the devs couldn't argue against it without losing their jobs.

Ubisoft messed up here and the reviews should continue to stand as proof of their mess-up. No do-overs.

NerdStar71358d ago

I couldn't agree with you less.

Kingthrash3601358d ago

Why...I feel that a game should be reviewed at launch. And that's it.
No second review.
True they've patched the game and that's great but it doesn't count when you know they know they've released a incomplete game. If anything they should have delayed it. Period.. Yeah gamers would have raged but at least would have had a finished product.
Second review no......if so then why not re-review every patched game then? Halo and drive club had bad online launches....but at least the single player worked...not many 2nd reviews for them...I say release a working game period. DC and hao had online problems but were in noway broken. This game was released fully broken....the bad reviews should stand.

bauer0071357d ago

You think a buggy game deserves to be reviewed again when its been patched? Pathetic!

HaveSumNuts1358d ago

According to digital foundry this game is still a mess.

SpiralTear1358d ago

Absolutely. Re-reviewing it would mean nothing.

starchild1358d ago

It hasn't been a mess for me. Especially after the patches it's a pretty solid game. I haven't had any real issues with it. Glitchy NPCs at times, but that's about it.

Oh, I'm playing the PC version. But I've also played the PS4 version and that didn't seem like a mess either. The framerate can get a little wonky in places, but that is par for the course with most Assassin's Creed games on consoles.

bixxel1358d ago

Re reviewing could make the game worse.They'd say the game is bad even after 3 successive patches.So it could get lesser scores.This is better.

Summons751358d ago

That second statement can easily be argued with Halo MCC and CODAW both were released in broken and buggy states but they got 10s. Why does this get trashed on because of bugs (which is reasonable) but those games get a free pass. No they shouldn't change reviews because a review is an unbiased review of the game, if the game is broken or buggy to the point it hinders gameplay than it is going to reflect as a bad game.

pompombrum1358d ago

Difference I see between this and MCC at least is that 343 at least have plausible excuse in that all the problems were matchmaking side and it's almost impossible to accurately simulate matchmaking for 1000s of people at the same time. Ubi on the other hand knew with 100% accuracy just how bad AC was at launch and released it anyway.

Both are bad and imho, put a huge downer on an already disappointing year.

ABizzel11358d ago

Online aspects having problems, is not equal to an entire game being a buggy mess.

Many people marked Halo: MCC lower for it's online issues, however, it's 4 single player campaigns were still fine. Unity was a mess all around.

Now tell me is this equal.

Game 1: Online matchmaking issues.


Game 2: Players falling through the game world, rendering glitches causing faces to distort and look skeletal, consistent framerate drops, players getting locked in animation loops, the game freezing forcing players to hard reset, co-op matches are broken, players have reported dying in a co-op mission and being stuck out of the entire match and framerate crawling into single digits, and that's only the stuff I can think of off the top of my head.

This game was a broken mess, and it should not be rewarded with a second chance, because it teaches developers it's okay to releases broken games and simply patch them later.

Somebody1358d ago

Unless these re-reviews turned into an industry-wide practice that encompass every game, then no. What's the point of giving one game a re-review when other games, especially those that don't bring a lot of viewers, don't get a chance?

While the media is calling for re-reviews, a similar system is already present with user reviews like in Steam's customer reviews. Most recent example of how useful this feature is is during Steam' Exploration Sale. Battlestation Pacific is in my wishlist and it was discounted heavily but a quick glance at the the most recent customer review below mentioned it is unplayable now because of the dead GFWL. Another would be Fallout 3 that have always warned potential buyers that it is not compatible with Windows 7 and 8 but the latest user review gave posted a quick fix to those crashing problems.

FullmetalRoyale1358d ago

As an owner of a digital copy of Unity, your first point is enough to merit an "agree."

100% this^ brother.

I played it the week between when it came out, and GTA/Inquisition released, and have been waiting for my fellow consumers to tell me that it is in acceptable working order, before I play it again.

tee_bag2421358d ago

Well said. They can't have it both ways.

Yetter1358d ago

Don't you think the review should reflect the product you may be interested in buying in its current state?

SpiralTear1358d ago

If that's the case, we should re-review every game currently on the market, judging them by their current incarnations. Also, every new patch means that a game would need to be reviewed again.

Scenarist1357d ago

Suppose I were in a position where I had no internet and had to purchase this game @ retail, I would be SUPER MAD!
I hope future Ubisoft products reflect this bs in its sales. -1 here

Gamer19821357d ago

A game should be slated day 1 by reviewers if buggy as hell in fact I don't think reviewers are harsh enough on devs about bugs and glitches. I think gamers need to know about these things the unity bugs and glitches are the sole reason I didn't buy this game. Was really looking forward to the game as love co-op games and instead bought FIFA with the money I saved up for assassins creed. I refuse to pay devs who release a game in this state and other gamers should too.

Whoever bought it should be ashamed of themselves. Your encouraging devs to keep doing stuff like this and it's wrong and it's us gamers who lose out in the end. Stand up for this crap and do it with your wallet dammit.

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Chuk51358d ago

No. Ubisoft deserve no quarter.

staticjoe1358d ago

Better title: Should publishers get paid for releasing obviously buggy games?

matrixman921358d ago

this is the best AC since 2, so yeah

starchild1358d ago

Agreed. I'm sure some people legitimately are having issues, but I haven't had any problems playing the game, other than some glitchy NPCs. It's one of the best games in the series in my opinion. I've honestly had more issues with Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition on PC than with AC Unity.

ironfist921358d ago

Unfortunately people dont care about gamers who actually dont have bugs in the game

Quick to hate Ubisoft and blinded by it too, they think all of them are shit.

Karnalsyn1357d ago

Omg this AC was horrible.

kevnb1358d ago

Does it really make that much difference? I think it came out before it was ready since they had to meet the deadline for the Xbox one bundle, which also might be why they focused a little more on the Xbox one version.

cutthroatslim1358d ago

Hmm, me thinks you has a point...

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