EMAGON - Discover the first trailer for the Playstation's best kept secret

PS Blog Spain: As you know, PlayStation turns 20 years old this week. This is a very special day for us, we thought never get as far from the Japanese release of our beloved PSOne back in 1994. So we want to offer something to rise to the occasion.

However, to know what it is, you have to wait. On YouTube you can find the mysterious trailer called EMAGON and a date: December 5. On that day you will know the best kept PlayStation secret!

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TimeSkipLuffy1394d ago

I fear it is another indie title. That said it does not mean the game will be bad. Let's see what kind of game it is.

Palitera1394d ago

Judging from the No Game anagram from the title, maybe it is not AAA, nor indie, nor anything in between.

Anyway, the narrator says the following, in spanish:

"20 years... It is a long time.
Look around you and you'll see everything you have conceived.
You have reigned on infinite places, you have conquered and freed, you have built and destroyed, you have been the light before the darkness.
However, this time it is different. This time it is for real. For the first time your actions have real consequences.
They need your help. I know you can hear them. The power to change things is in your hands."

s8anicslayer1394d ago

It's another God of War..use the word unscrambler and you'll see what I mean.

TheJacksonRGN1394d ago

Or maybe it is "No Game" because people like to say the PS4 has no games, yet Son plans on announcing a bunch including whatever this thing.

SoapShoes1394d ago

Sounds like this will be good then!

TheFanboySlayer1393d ago

20 years.....the playstation came out in 1994.....20 years ago...
Then it talks about all that we've achieved...I guess.....
Then they go on to say its different and all choices matter....
They need your help maybe the old characters need help or something...
Then power to change things is in your hands.....

So idk if its a game....I want to say it is because of the HUD but there is no basis for a seems like this will be a "thing" that refers to past playstation games....hmmm my guess is some peripheral that goes along with the playstation. The power is in your "hands" makes me think this.

bouzebbal1393d ago

looks good at first sight. exploration with some nice graphics. let's wait for the full reveal on Friday.
Thank God for those indie developers, they bring some amazing ideas and they know how to take risks.
Definitely keeping an eye on this one.

FriedGoat1393d ago

Surprised nobody has suggested a playable teaser like silent hills?

CannonB81393d ago

Instead of "No Game" it could be "Game On"

Sevir1393d ago

This is premiering at the Video Game Awards... Pretty sure it's a new AAA up.

RyanShutup1393d ago

I think it's a clever way of spelling "imagine" ... not an anagram for "no game" there's clearly an HUD in the trailer so it's definitely a game!

360ICE1393d ago

There are many reasons to think that this isn't another game.

I mean, "20 years" is probably referring to PlayStation's 20th birthday, which is actually tomorrow (3rd of December). I bet they'll celebrate that at PlayStation

"You have reigned on infite places" and all that jazz is keeping to the theme of 'Players do great things' that they've been running with for a while. Especially with the "Michael"-ad.

So, "this time it's different, this time it's for real" would obviously suggest it's not another normal adventure (AKA game), right?

"This time it's real"
Well, now it's getting less difficult to know what they mean, but it COULD be an alternate reality game of sorts, like XI.

However, they do say that FOR THE FIRST TIME your actions have real consequences...

"They need your help", etc.

Could refer to the video game characters, maybe?

Other than that, your guess is as good as mine. A Project Morpheus tie-in, an alternate reality game or a big advertising campaign. Me knows not.

Name Last Name1393d ago

Judging by the voice-over this is probably a VR game. Or maybe its a HOME-like MMO thing?

Kingthrash3601393d ago

I think its the ability to play all PS games via streaming or download.
My guess at least. (Including ps2)

NeoGamer2321393d ago

Thanks for translating! And I want to see more now!

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Palitera1394d ago

PS: Wouldn't it be funny if, instead of "No Game", they were actually trying to tease "Game On"?

VsAssassin1393d ago

Or, this could be a montage video of sorts, featuring already released PS4 games and yet to be released ones. Then after the montage vid, we'll see: "Game on or No Game. You decide!"

I can't wait till this weekend! I am betting on 2-3 new IPs and a few 3rd party exclusives!

RyanShutup1393d ago

That was my thought too man!

Palitera1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Going further on the "not a 'no game'" theory:

This might ruin the surprise of the reveal.

1. The trailer is somewhat similar to .
Credits to SplitReality and TomShoe02 at for this.

2. Sony recently trademarked Dark Chronicle.

3. "Speaking to Akihiro Hino, CEO of Level-5, he said "There is strong evidence that is a request for a line of work like previous titles in our portofolio", as a petition on a fanmade Facebook page for Dark Cloud suggests. He continued that "The White Knight Chronicles-series did not do as well as we had planned and our recent succes with Ni No Kuni suggest we should move our next-generation games in that direction. We're not announcing a Ni No Kuni 2 as our collaboration ended with the release of the game but we're looking to revive past titles." It is true that White Knight Chronicles received a very average critical reception and the company recently announced that they are shutting down the online servers for White Knight Chronicles. While the blockbuster franchises like Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven will continue to remain on handheld devices, there could be a reinvigoration for console titles.

"Sony contacted Level-5 about a possible next-gen game," which is no surprise as Level-5 was one of the prominently listed publishers in in the Playstation 2013 Meeting.

there was an idea for some of our old PS2-era franchises to be reimagined for the next Playstation. We were sceptical at first but seeing the hardware in action opened up a lot of new and fresh possibilities. I think it's great that Sony contacted us to collaborate on creating a new magical world for PlayStation owners. -- Akahiro Hino

We're happy to announce Dark Cloud 3 for the PlayStation 4. We will release more information at E3 2015. -- Akahiro Hino"

* Be warned that this might very well be fake.


So, that's it.

Dark Chronicle for PS4, by Level 5!
Gamers rejoice!

I dare you to say "no game" now!

TomShoe1393d ago


That's me :D

TheFanboySlayer1393d ago

If it is Dark Cloud 3 aka Dark Chronicle 2...

I would be sooo hyped...I sunk in soo many hours into the original Dark Cloud when I was a kid lol

SlyFoxC1393d ago

@Palitera if it is Dark Cloud 3 i will seriously shit my pants! i love Dark Cloud!!!!

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trenso11394d ago

If it isn"t bad why would you fear it is an indie title, i really dont understand what people have against indie titles when a lot of them are interesting and really good.

Silly gameAr1394d ago

Yeah, it's really weird because last gen, everyone loved XboxLive arcade titles, and they were mostly indie. This gen, it's like indie titles are garbage, shouldn't be counted as games, and only AAA games matter.

NegativeCreep4271394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

It is clearly a Japanese title...hence the Xbox sycophants have no reason to have any faith (therefore disinterest) in it whatsoever.

ramiuk11393d ago

its not that.
last gen all indie titles was on 360,this time its ps4 so MS owners have something to call SOny for.
If Xbox Arcade 2 came out it would be loved

DarXyde1393d ago

I agree with you, but if I had to guess, there's a certain expectation for indie titles: very short, basic, gimmicky, etc. Those are the common stereotypes, but I think this game looks particularly imaginative at least at a first glance (visually stunning as well). Indie or not, I'll be watching this one for more details. I actually like a good deal of indies.

Volkama1393d ago

Not wanting to go too far off-topic, but to release a game on XBox Live Arcade wasn't that easy and definitely required a publisher. XBox Live Indie Corner was where the real indie games were, and I don't think many people loved it.

It is the PC crowd that have been championing Indie games for years already, because that is the platform where the whole indie scene could naturally flourish. Well that and the mobile platforms, but nobody champions those.

For me the important distinction is not so much indie vs publisher, as neither setup is any indication of quality.

$60 retail model vs more flexible pricing model is a more interesting distinction. Again not necessarily a reflection of quality, but says more about the game than having or not having a publisher.

pivotplease1393d ago

Eh, not really. Last gen my favourite indie titles on 360 were Limbo, Geo. Wars 2, Braid, Castle Crashers, and Fez. All of these came to Playstation eventually with the exception of GW2 (though we now have GW3 multiplat). I can't say the same about indie titles like Flower, Journey, Unfinished Swan, Super Stardust HD, Fat Princess, Pixel Junk Monsters, and Dead Nation...all of which remain exclusive to PS, and I would argue that Journey is the best indie title I have played. Everyone should check it out when the PS4 version hits in the next two months if they have not done so.

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MEGATON! just missing the T
Fallout 4!
I can dream.

assassin2k1393d ago

Turn the T on it's looks like an "L".

Half Life 3 confirmed!

pivotplease1393d ago

Maybe The Witness changed graphics engines. lol jk but seriously where is that game? It's probably going to be phenomenal.

life281393d ago

Ethan Carter uses photorealistic render too like Emagon and it was indie game. Very good indie game, so I don´t mind if developer is Ubisoft, EA, Acti or MyLittleGarage.

sonic9891393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Quit trolling.
Does anything about the game screams low quality because this is what I care about and for the matter it looks graphically better than all the games released this year.
Btw why do you care who develops it, at the beginning it says sony computer entertainment presents which means its funded by sony does that make it AAA in your standards that you care about so much.
Also what those so called AAA games provide in last year nothing but worthless games.
Back in the day like two years ago excuse the bad sarcasm we cared how the game looks not who develops and even worse it says sony at the very beginning.
Do you know which I am really interested in this whole gen so far its Rime and that should tell something.

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Relientk771394d ago

I wanna see more, it looks interesting so far

TheRedButterfly1393d ago

Gotta agree with that. I'm not really sure what I'm looking at, but it's damn gorgeous whatever it is. Part of me really doubts it's representative of any kind of gameplay though. :/

Off Topic, but does anyone think we'll see something regarding Deep Down at the PS event? It's been almost a year since we've heard anything about it. (Or, a year since /I've/ heard anything about it, so I may have missed a piece of news out there.)

-Foxtrot1394d ago

Hope it's not an Indie...I hope it's the JRPG we've been hearing about.

Although first person...not really common for a JRPG, unless it was just for the trailer.

GameDev11394d ago

I think it is just a trailer leading to a game or numerous games

I wont even try to decipher it

pivotplease1393d ago

Me neither. I'm still trying to decipher what happened at the end of MGS2. That game set a gold standard for subsequent plot twists.

OT: I'm leaning towards a big Morpheus project but who knows. So much built up hype for the following week.

Thatguy-3101394d ago

It seems too similar to no man's sky if you ask me. The Spanish translation is telling me that the game has the same infrastructure that no man's sky has. Could be a different game but from what I'm getting it has a connection to hello games upcoming game.

sonic9891393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Dunno about your mysterious fear of indies its not like the game is low quality look at the graphics for gods sake.
The game is presented by sony so its funded by them cheeesh.
I am wondering since when people started to care who develops what a great game is a great game.
Lets say naughty dog developed a game with a team of ten people and yet a game like rime which is also funded by sony was developed by 30 people does that make it an indie game which I am starting to think indie means low quality.
Btw did you know that insomniac is an indie company they aren't bought by anyone or platinum games are also independent people should think before they speak.
Oh yeah and its clearly not a jrpg it looks western to me .

LightDiego1393d ago

Emagon sounds like Eragon.
Eragon has dragons.
I think it's safe to say that is Skyrim coming to PS4.

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Rimgal1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

If my spanish is right. The blog says that this game is playstation greatest secret.

EDIT: This was my best shot of translating the video.

"20 years. It's a lot of time. Look around you and see everything you have achieved. You have reigned on infinite places, you have conquered and freed, you have built and destroyed. You have been the light before the darkness. However, this time is different. This time, it is real. For the first time your actions have real consequences. They need your help. I know you can hear them. The power to change things is in your hands. "

They are not talking about a game, this must be something else.

Thatguy-3101394d ago

Funny thing is that if you spell the title backwards it says "NOGAME". So who knows we'll have to wait at the end of the week to find out. This week's should be great though with announcements dropping left and right. Can't wait!!

Nitrowolf21394d ago

you know, this might have to do with the tv show Powers

morganfell1393d ago

You could be on to something. A game where actions by most players determine script direction. Maybe not Powers but a web or PSN series.

DragoonsScaleLegends1394d ago

Yeah a PS1/PS2 Emulator for PS4 to replay PlayStations past. I can dream right :)

TWB1393d ago

Yeah, been waiting for that for some time now.

I would even be fine with only PS1 emulator since from my experiences with PS2 emulator on PC, you need more power per core than many cores (and AMD CPUs require high Ghz to maintain speed on more demanding games) so I dont think PS2 BC on PS4 is that doable but would be awesome if it could be done.

jb2271393d ago

If it wasn't a game, why would it have "Sony Computer Entertainment Presents" at the beginning? Regardless of what it is, it's definitely considered a game for classification purposes, I think people are taking the No Game thing too literally

TheFanboySlayer1393d ago

Wow just saw your comment after predicting it would be a peripheral....100% agree.

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JMaine5181394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

My guess...
Project Morpheus = EMAGON which will be pronounced "Imagine"

BitbyDeath1394d ago

Project Morpheus will also work with a 'No game' tag.
Not a game, this is reality.

jb2271393d ago

Yup, I think you all hit the nail on the head, it looks like a VR title anyway with that minimal HUD and the way it plays out. Looks to be some sort of exploratory type program, maybe it's more of a technical showcase than a game in the traditional sense with any kind of fail state