GamesBeat: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is Nintendo’s cutest risk ever (review)

Nintendo proves it can make something wonderful by taking things away from the player — like the jump button.

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WeAreLegion1353d ago

"I’m not sure any other big, triple-A publisher would try making a game like this, but I’m very glad that Nintendo did."

Yes, they would. They just wouldn't sell it for $40. This should have been a $10-$15 download.

I'll wait for the price to drop. I love this team, but I can't throw $40 at this.

Mykky1353d ago

which triple-A publisher would try to make a game like this i wonder? I can't think of any so please enlighten me.

mamotte1353d ago

Why? explain me why. I'm hearing you.

3-4-51353d ago

No, most would have sold this type of game for $60, but it would have half the content and the other half DLC.

* Nintendo did it right, and I'd happily pay $60 for this game.

How many other games out there are like this?

Not KIND OF like this......BUt Actually like this game ?

There really isn't any.......maybe fez....maybe.

Blink_441353d ago

You are going to be waiting a long ass time for a price drop. Nintendo games never drop in price.

Game looks like a lot of fun.

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